Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con

So, tomorrow I embark on the largest and most commercial Geek Right of Passage of this age; San Diego Comic-Con. The way will be treacherous, oh yes, but the journey will be worth it's weight in airfare, hotel costs and more importantly, the cost of my dignity. Tomorrow will see my ritual partners (Tina and Katie) and I as we push and shove our way through screeching tween fangirls (the New Moon panel is tomorrow), lost first-timers (that'd be us!) and throngs of the not-so-elusive Geek Fanboy (in his most natural habitat). This yearly nerd ritual, one that will forever cement our places in Nerdodia (a welcoming and exciting country situated next door to Buffonia), is an life-changing event that any serious nerd must eventually partake in. Since its my first time (I do hope they'll be gentle), I'm not exactly sure what to expect besides grand superhero costumes and fleeting glimpses of my favorite geek celebrities, but my expectations are high.

I will offer up a nice, long blog post documenting the experience once I return (that'd be the week of August 3rd) but until then, I will be tweeting (@bufyluver5) pictures and uploading them to Facebook as well.

Until then, Viva Comic-Con!


Matt Duke said...

I am really hoping that you three are dressing up and that there will be pictures of this.

Bufyluver said...

Haha. I dont think so. The girls won't geek out that much, but there will be pictures! :)


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