Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joss Whedon's Letter to the Terminator Owners

I'm not really sure how anyone can not love and adore Joss Whedon, but just in case you are one of those dumbos, just take a little look at this Open Letter to the Terminator Owners that Joss wrote on Whedenesque yesterday. This is honest to goodness genius stuff people, and he just pulls it right out of his genius a**. I could not even DREAM about being as bada** as this man is. I know you hear my praises for Joss a little too often and maybe I should tone it down a notch...but really...why? I'm not the only person with eyes wide open that sees him for what he really is; a god in geek clothing. No joke. I'm pretty sure the Greeks even had a very specific god that was actually Joss Whedon. Not a god that moved mountains or controlled the sea or fell down on unsuspecting, beautiful mortal women as a shower of rain and impregnated them, to the horror and shame of their mortal husbands. No, this was a god that entertained, a god that moved people, not mountains or oceans. Not a god that worshipped wine and scantily-clad women, but a god that worshipped the light and dark of humanity and strangely-clad lesbian women. I'm almost 99% sure that there was a god just like that up on Mount Olympus...they just forgot to add him into our mythology textbooks. Which is a horrible misdeed, if you ask me.

Luckily, the world took pity on those that have come after the times of Greek gods and though beautiful mortal women will only have to explain the normal suspicious pregnancy to their husbands and not the god-like kind, we have been sent the real Joss Whedon; a modern day Geek (not to be confused with Greek) God to brighten up our lives, to move us as easily as Zeus moved mountains and Poseidon moved the sea.

And if that doesn't convince you, he would also give Christan Bale's John Conner a throat lozenge. Because we all know he REALLY needed one.

Check out Joss Whedon's comments about his "letter" here.

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