Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The B-S-G in the 2-4

Yeah, I don't watch 24. That's one boat I never really found the interest to jump on. It's not that I don't love Keifer. I, like most of the creatures now inhabiting the known universe, do. I mean, he's one scary-ass vamp (The Lost Boys) that could kick Edward Cullen's sparkling ass anyday. Plus, he's one dead sexy Musketeer, no? Not to mention, his dad (Donald Sutherland) was Buffy's first watcher. No offense meant to the great Rupert Giles, but D. Sutherland was the original Man in Tweed and in my mind will always be the first stuffy Brit to reprimand Buffy for her totally unprecedented slayer-style. Which is unfortunate for him, I suppose.
No, it wasn't Keifer that turned me off of the show, but rather the cop-procedual vibe I originally got from it. I hate cop-proceduals. Like, a lot. So, I avoided jumping on the crazy whirl-a-gig of fun that was supposedly 24.

Cut to last year, around June/July, where I heard rumors of some very exciting casting for the new season of 24. I had just started Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica and I was a full-fledged BSG addict. The confirmed rumor was the casting of BSG alum Katee Sackhoff as Dana Walsh, some CTU goddess of computers and whatnot. I wasn't sure what that meant exactly, but considering I was soon to go through some serious Starbuck withdrawal, it was potentially interesting news. I soon come to find even more actors popping up in connection to 24. Freddie Prinze Jr., who was never a real talent in my opinion, but who married my girl, SMG, and who I still enjoyed watching on screen, was going to play Dana Walsh's fiance. "Ooooooo", went my mental commentary. And just to add another deliciously tempting layer of icing on the yet un-sampled 24 cake, Callum Keith Rennie, who played my very favorite (and yes, very sexy) cylon, Leoben, would be playing yet another evil-doer for the famous Jack Bauer to eventually beat to a bloody pulp (we hope).

My once-in-a-lifetime experience with the cast of 24, including the new additions, at San Diego Comic-Con last year, was the ridiculously large rocket that finally blew up the helicopter. The apparently divine Cake di 24 must be sampled and with the help of my good friend and fellow blogger, Corrie Duckworth, I started watching this past Sunday. I have spent four lovely (and highly stressful) hours with Jack Bauer in the past two days and enjoyed every high-intensity second of them.

The Battlestar Parked at CTU:

Here's the kicker with watching a new show that prominently features actors from one of your all-time favorite television shows; you squeal A LOT when they come on screen. For Katee, there was less squealing and more mental annoyance that went something like this...


"Who's this creepster guy calling you, Mrs. Soon-To-Be-Freddie's-Second-Coolest-Wife?"
"Ohhh...dang, he is going to cause you some tru-ble!"

"Ok, seriously...why are you taking this shit, STARBUCK? KICK HIS ASS! Where's your gun, anyway?"

"Ok, all this whining and begging is beneath you. Get your raptor and run that frakker OVER! He's making a mess in your nice apartment, for Adama's sake!"

Yeah, you see the problem. Watching Katee Sackhoff in a less than badass role was a little off-putting, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. The pretty hair and make-up? Not sure I'll ever get used to that.

As for Mr. Leoben, I feel bad for Corrie and her husband, Ryan. I spent the last couple minutes of the episode last night squealing "LEOBEN!!" every time Callum Keith Rennie's photo popped on the screen. We haven't even met his character yet and I'm already getting way to excited for the good of my fellow 24-watchers. Good thing I JUST got them into Battlestar, so they at least known where my hardcore addiction flows from. And yes, they LOVE it. Point one for the crazy sci-fi nerd.

So, what about you TV-watchers? Did you check out the four new hours of Jack Bauer goodness? What about our famous Battlestar alums? Good to see them shining onscreen again?

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