Monday, March 15, 2010

To Con-Con and Beyond!

That's right, people. By this time on Friday, I will be the envy of all Leverage fans. Well, at least the ones that can't make it to Con-Con, which is not a considerable number, I'm happy to report.

TNT is sending Kiwi (who has not been a very dedicated blogger of late *slap on wrist*) and I to Con Con (with our fearless leader, Mr. Pride) to shoot, interview and mingle with our fellow Leverage fans, cast and crew. Can I get an "Amen!"? Of course I can. So, if you'll be one of the several hundred fans to join the Parti de Con, keep on the look-out* for Kiwi (Corrie) and I and if you happen to spot us, come on over and say "What up, my fellow bloggers/Leverage fans/Christian Kane-enthusiasts?". And if you show yourself to be a particularly hardcore fan, you may even make your way on camera! Not exactly my dream come true, but not everyone has camera fear like I do. *dramatic shiver* We'll be covering a couple of the panels and will also be attending the TNT Cocktail party on Friday night and the banquet with the cast on Saturday night. When not covering panels and events, we'll be walking around the hotel, talking with the fans and genuinely having a good time. We'll also be on the Saturday morning Set Tour, so if you're crazy enough to get up at 6am (we have no choice in the matter, so we don't count as crazy, just unwilling employees), then we'll see you there, with grande coffees in hand.

If anyone is from the Portland area, let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for interesting sites to check out, but more importantly, the best restaurants to try. It will be our first time visiting, so we'll take any tips we can get. And fingers crossed that we actually find time to eat during this trip (it's looking like we'll be workin' the Con far too often to work a dinner reservation... which is a sad fact indeed).

Once I have slept for a whole 24-hours after this trip, I'll do my best to get some pictures up here and write up some of the more exciting parts of the Con. You can also follow Corrie (@corrienav) and I (@bufyluver5) on Twitter and get some live 140-word, behind-the-scenes reporting straight from the Con. We'll be pretty busy, but we'll do our best to keep you Twitter-hungry fiends entertained.

Happy Capering, my fellow Leverage-lovers!

*Look-out tip: I'll be the one with girl-y, trendy cowboy boots on, the better in which to seduce Mr. Kane with. Muwwhahahahaha. Seriously, you can't fault a girl for trying. *shrug*

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