Thursday, June 10, 2010

American Torchwood? Yes, Please!

If I could kiss all the executives over at Starz, I would...despite the very real possibility of a harassment suit. Not only are they rocking two of my favorite shows on television right now, Spartacus and Party Down, but they have also just finalized a deal with BBC One to air a fourth season of Torchwood. If I didn't have an easily-wrinkled, A-line dress on right now, this would be the moment where I got down on my knees and thanked one of my many gods, Russell T. Davies, for working to get us even more hours of alien insanity with the Torchwood team. We'll get a 10-episode season, which will air in the summer of 2011. Woo and hoo, I say.

Of course, the "team" right now is but a shadow of it's former self, what with the death of three out of the five main characters. With Owen, Toshiko and Ianto (*sob*) dead, there are more than a couple positions to fill for the new series. Like every other Torchwood fan, the first question that came to mind when rumor of this possible Torchwood renewal starting flitting around cyberspace, sans TARDIS, was "Will John Barrowman play Captain Jack?". I'm not ashamed to say, if the answer to that question had been "Nope, he's moving on to sing and dance besides Neil Patrick Harris on Broadway", I would have cursed my gods, then immediately proceeded to a Broadway ticket line. But as we now know, John Barrowman will indeed fill the oh-so-sexy shoes of Captain Jack Harkness once again. Sad for Broadway, wonderful news for Captain Jack fans. Eve Myles will also return as Gwen Cooper. So the two primary roles are safe and filled and we'll hopefully soon hear about the casting of the rest of the team.

Also, if you were worried about how an American version of the show might affect the *ahem* sexuality of Captain Jack, your worrying is for naught. BBC executives promise that Jack will be as he has always been; a lover of males, females and aliens alike. "Capt. Jack's sexuality is certainly not going to change. Whether it's a man, woman or alien, Capt. Jack is a gloriously sexually active being." Amen to that, sista! Seriously though, it would be a complete travesty to change even the smallest aspect of John Barrowman's legendary character, but a change in that particular department would have been unacceptable. One of the best things about Capt. Jack is his uncanny penchant towards flirting with anyone or anything that crosses his path. It is one of the most attractive and unique aspects of that character, not to mention the catalyst for most of the comic relief in the show.

Click on over to my favorite TV blogger, Maureen Ryan, to get more scoop on the pick-up of the show. It's to have an "international" vibe. Hummm, sounds fancy. And you know what else is fancy, Mr. and Mrs. Show Producers, Georgia is fancy. Particularly the Atlanta area. It's very fancy and even better, it's cheap to shoot there. Imagine that? *hinthintnudgenudge*

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