Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hero of Ages

Here is a QotD from the book I am reading right now, "The Hero of Ages" by Brandon Sanderson. Slowswift gives a great argument that I am personally fond of making...

"Do you enjoy stories, young lady?"
"What kind of stories?"
"The best kind, of course," Slowswift said, tapping his book. " The kind about monsters and myths. Longtales, some call them - stories told by skaa around the fires, whispering of mistwraiths, sprites, and brollins and such."
"I don't have much time for stories," Vin said.
"Seems that fewer and fewer people do, these days. It makes me wonder what is so alluring about the real world that gives them all such a fetish for it. It's not a very nice place these days."

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