Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost - The Incident - Season Finale

Wow. It's interesting how even though LOST has blown me away on multiple occasions, I always find plenty to say about it. This time, however, I am tending towards speechless. It's probably a good thing, considering how it's impossible for my fingers to run across these keys fast enough to keep up with my non-stop, rapidly flowing LOST-esque thoughts. Still, in an attempt to keep all my thoughts from spilling out of my ears and rudely disturbing all my cube neighbors, here are a couple first impressions, theories and general things to scream/cry/wtf? about from last night's 2 hour finale:

* The first scene, where we go through some unknown person's daily routine, only to be surprised by who we were "following" around, brings to mind the first scene from season 2 premiere episode ("Man of Science, Man of Faith"), as we follow around Desmond in the hatch. Meaningful? Maybe.

* In the first scene, Jacob is wearing white and the unknown, Mr. Cranky, is wearing black. Universal signs for good and evil. There was probably a reason behind that wardrobe choice.

* The Egyptian statue is NOT Anubis, but perhaps Sobek or Taweret, both gods related to childbirth.

* Jacob is distractingly gorgeous. I had trouble concentrating on the big reveal of him and not just his face...*swoon*

* My first impression of Jacob is as a good guy, like a REALLY good guy. As in, if this show really turns out to be about the ultimate good versus the ultimate evil, then I'm rootin' for Jacob.

* Something to note: In most of the flashbacks, Jacob apologized in the most sincerest manner to our castaways, almost as if he blamed himself for the pain they were going through (or would HAVE to go through in the future).

* I have only two theories, so far, on who/what Jacob and Mr. Cranky are. One: gods. My main thought: Ra and Osiris, Egyptian gods of the sun and the dead, respectively. Two: time-travelers. My main thoughts: Perhaps once they were human, but I doubt they are any longer. Maybe during their time spent traveling through space/time they acquired certain powers, maybe they got certain powers from the Island. As far as the Island goes, perhaps they got stuck there (astral projection explains Jacobs visits off-Island) or they liked it so much they decided to stay. At some point, rules were made for them or because of them, which caused Mr. Cranky to not be able to kill Jacob by his own hand. Ok, ok, I know I am reaching now, but a this point, I think anything is game.

* Wondering what Richard said when he replied to Illana's riddle, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" It was Latin and he said, "He who will save us all".

* The Jughead idea was insane. How could any one of the castaways think that blowing up a H-Bomb would help anything? What about everyone else on the Island? Was it ok that they would get all blown to bits? Crazy...

* I love how Miles stay relatively quiet until he asks the one, most important question.

* I loved seeing Rose, Bernard and Vincent (now all you Vincent obsessors can stop whining about where he might have been this whole time). I also loved how Rose bluntly summarized the drama of the whole show and put things in perspective for the viewers and the other castaways. The most important thing is being with the one you love, no matter what happens. And aren't these guys sick of shooting each other yet? Drama, drama, drama girlfriend!

* Juliet. Sigh. What to say? You gave up too easily? You should have fought for your man, for your life, just a little bit harder? Yeah, I could say those things...but all I really want to do is cry. I can't imagine how Sawyer will ever get over the loss of her - oh wait - if Jack's loony-bins plan worked, maybe it will be like Sawyer never even met Juliet. Except, not only would that be even more heartbreaking than her dying right in front of him, but it would mean that Sawyer would never become the good man, the good leader, that we love and know him to be now.

* Jack, dear Jack. Either your plan failed and you're a complete nut-ball or your plan succeed and you're still a complete nut-ball. Either way, I'm shocked to discover that I don't much love you as I once did. Like Kate, your character's natural development is not one that I get a good feeling about. I find myself loving Juliet and Sawyer where once I loved Jack and Kate. Interesting how the tables turn like that.

* Hurley theory: He may have an even bigger part to play in this story than we originally guessed. Of all the cameo visits Jacob made, his visit to Hurley seemed the most significant. He actually spoke in length with Hurley, even going as far as letting him know he wasn't just some stranger. That makes Hurley special...

* People have already been arguing this point - Did Jacob CAUSE Nadia to get run over or did he merely save Sayid from the same fate? I'm on the side that believes Nadia was going to get run over anyway and that Jacob stepped in to keep Sayid from getting run down also.

* Point to me: I totally guessed that it was a body that Frank was looking at in the box. I figured it was John the moment Illana showed up at the statue and spoke with Richard. Go me!


* Why did Mr. Cranky Pants want to kill Jacob so bad?

* Why did Jacob not seem to mind that he was about to die? Why didn't he fight? Perhaps not in his nature (as a benign deity)? Does this go back to the idea of FREE WILL - it was Ben's choice to make...Does this go back to what John Locke (the real one) heard when he was in the cabin in season 3, "help me"?

* What really DID happen to the statue?

* Is Richard Albert maybe a sailor/slave from the Black Rock ship, the same one that Jacob and Mr. Cranky were watching at the beginning of the episode?

* Why did Jacob want Hurley, and possibly everyone else, to go back to the Island? What does that mean? Was he hoping they could help him with his Mr. Cranky Pants issue or was it for some other, unknown reason?

* What did Jacob want Ilana to do? How did she know him already? My thought - he wanted her to get Sayid on the plane, among other things.

* What is Mr. Cranky Pants? Some shapeshifter who took the form of John Locke? A ghost like Christian Shepard? Or is the last season of LOST really about ZOMBIES?!?!?!

* Who side is Christian Shepard on anyway?

Ok, so I know I probably missed a hundred other things but my brain is already fried. Let's just say that 2010 can't arrive soon enough. Overall, a pretty amazing season, to say the least. For a real, in-depth review of last night's finale, go check out Doc Jensen's site. He's da man! Yeah, I said it. What?

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