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Lost - Dead is Dead - 4/8

Ok guys and gals, no big LOST post this week. Work is kicking my arse so time is of the essence. For this week, and I know it's a bad week to drop the ball considering last night's wowza episode, how about a few quick shout-outs and a giggle-inducing Lost Untangled? That work for you? No? Yeah well, get over it! It's all you're getting! Be grateful!
Sheesh, some people...

Shout-Out Number 1:

So it turns out that not only do our castaways have problems learning from their mistakes, but so too does their number 1 tormentor. It seems that Ben's constant manipulation of the people around him has brought him nothing but trouble. You'd think that after all this time, he would have learned, but no, he still tries to control every aspect of everything and everyone surrounding him and he certainly doesn't care how many lives he either ends or ruins in the process.

Which brings us to Shout-Out Number 2:

Why is the Island instigating this behavior???!!! If anyone deserves to die, if anyone should be on the "naughty" list, it's Ben Linus. Why is the Island allowing him to live? Why hasn't Smokey taken out that trash? Well, a possible reason, discerned from last week's illuminations, is that Ben is a creature of Smokey's. He's a creature of the Island. It saved his life, probably had many grand plans for him. It's possible that the Island and/or Smokey aren't ready to give up on him and his ultimate mission, if he has one. And let's face it, he probably does. If Ben's tactics for dealing with the situations that arise around him shed light on the nature of the Island itself, I can't say that I believe the Island is a good and benign entity.

Shout-Out Number 3:

Charles Widmore. I have a serious problem with this development. We finally get a good look into the past of the two arch-enemies and if you, like I, were hoping for a dividing line that would show us which side to take, you were probably sulking at the end of the episode too. I'm a very story-orientated individual and I like to have a side to stand on. The battle between Ben and Charles is at the core of this whole story, the origin of it even. But it turns out, where one shows compassion, the other shows cruelty and where the one who showed cruelty shows mercy, the other shows heartlessness. Neither seems more evil or more good than the other. They are in every way, different sides of the same coin.

So, the only side we can take is that of our poor, unfortunate castaways. As far as I'm concerned, this story will end with Charles and Ben on one side and any of our surviving victims of fate on the other.

Shout-out Number 4:

John Locke is a rock, he's an island. He's the Island? Anyway, he's pretty stoic and calm for a murdered, dead guy. Locke may be a little looney-toons, a little fanatical at times, but you could never say he's not badass. Just like the quick scene between Sawyer and Richard in "LaFleur", one of our once confused and lost castaways finally gets the upper hand in the never-ending battle against The Others. When I see Locke standing calm, collected and divinely knowledgeable in the face of the beaten and sulking Ben, I can't help but flashback to the scene in Season 1 where he is kneeling on top of the as yet unopened hatch door, striking his fists uselessly against the metal and glass, praying for guidance. He has come far since then. I can't help but wonder if he will be our castaways' ultimate salvation. Possibly their only salvation.

Shout-Out Number 5:

Smokey. Pretty sweet, no? Egyptian in origin, yes? Did you notice the carving of Anubis (?) kneeling in front of the smoke monster is very similar to the statue we saw in "LaFleur"? It looks like the origin of our Island might possibly date back to early Egyptian times after all. Also, one of my many big questions concerning this scene, is Smokey Alex (Echo's brother, and Walt, Horace, Christian?) or was something else behind her form? They made a point of showing Smokey going back into his little holes in the Temple's alter, so it's possible that it's something else entirely that is taking the forms of people who have died on the Island.

Shout-Out Number 6:

Little Ben is the CUTEST!!!!!!

Shout-Out Number 7:
Bye bye Caesar. You were a useless and annoying character. I think we will now forever refer to you as "Frogurt".

I know there are a million other things to discuss, but head over to Doc Jenson's site for a more in-depth review and check out Lost Untangled below. I'm plum wore out!

See you next week for "Some Like It Hoth". Don't ask me, I have no idea.

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