Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love Letter to Chuck

Dearest Chuck,

Before you geekily stumble off into the sunset, now officially spy-like with your new Matrix-y uploaded kung-fu skills, please allow me to thank you for a couple things. It is sad, yet highly probable, that I may never see you again and I couldn't bare to let you go without expressing a few parting intimacies.

Thank you, Chuck, for reminding me that life is nothing without risks and dreams. We can all float through life, never taking the time to better ourselves beyond the minimum that is required from society, or we can take up the beat of Mr. Roboto and, with or without guns blazing, we can leave behind "life as we know it" and steadfastly step towards the unknown. True, we don't all have such as Casey and Sarah to catch us if that step ends up being over a cliff, but we can hope for the best. You showed me that nothing can come from being idle and complacent, with no dreams to speak of, and that risking everything is the only real option we have if we wish to have a regret-less and worthwhile existence.

Also, thank you for being such a strong part of the Nerd Movement, adding your considerably loud and widespread voice to the international memo to all persons that geeks (both the meek and the less meek) will in fact inherit the Earth. We heartily appreciate your support.

Though I am still slightly teary-eyed from the heartbreaking death of Agent Larkin (honestly, who wouldn't weep at the death of something so beautiful), I am optimistic regarding your future. You finally accepted your hero calling and you can now spend your days saving the world, now with actual spy skills and less with luck, along side your one true love. Oh, and also with Sarah too, I guess. Did I mention Casey is extremely sexy? Maybe not as sexy has Jayne Cobb, but still pretty devilish. Maybe you can introduce me....?

Holding Out Hope,

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