Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love Letter to Sylar

Dear Sylar,

You may find it surprising to be receiving a love letter, given your current status as a brutal, remorseless killer. However, I suspect you will instead think it only natural. You are, after all, very special. Even though you have just recently murdered one of my favorite people, leaving me uncommonly displeased with you, I find even now that I cannot resist your twisted sense of humor and ghoulish charms. While others, understandably, hate and despise you for ruining their lives or killing their loved ones, I am contrarily pleased with you for being so very good at being so very bad. Life would be so abundantly boring if there was no natural need for balance and therefore a natural need for heroes and villains. Though I sometimes quietly wish (never more intensely than when Micah finally voiced it himself) that you would side with your own, using your powers for good or at the very least for killing that creepy Danko, I find that I rather prefer you accepting your innately evil nature and mischievously making our heroes' lives more trying.

Never since first being introduced to Dexter Morgan have I loved and emphasized so fully with a serial killer. When you flash your cocky smirk and declare that your wicked schemes are so very fun, I can't help but grin delightfully with you and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. You are the very thing that shows the Dark Side for what it can be, tempting the soldiers of good out of the light and into the shadows since the beginning of time. While your enemies toil in confusion and seriousness, while they pout and complain, dodge along the morally gray line and live in overall pain and chaos, you fine joy in the simple things in life and live every day past the limits of your potential.

But this isn't the only thing that defines your devilish appeal. Before, when you were merely a veiled figure in the shadows, you were so much more frightening, but you lacked humanity and therefore lacked any real allure. Now however, I know you better and you are so much more than an evil clockmaker out to bring misery for misery sake. You show your deep need for acceptance and love with every person you cruelly murder, with every journey of self-discovery and with every indifferent chuckle. In the rare instances where your humanity shines through - the fervent, however temporary, desire to be good, the understanding of heroes that do not even understand themselves, the occasional helpful act in the name of good- you prove to be one of those highly complex and deeply contradictory villains that have excited all of literary history.

Personally, I find egotistical men very unattractive and I don't wish to blow up your head too much - but you are just too damn cool. If I wasn't so sure of your solid and resilient character, I'd be fearful of ever seeing you again (since you now reside deep, deep under a Nathan Petrelli exterior). But I am sure of your strength of character and sense of self, and even though the pain from the loss of Nathan ( I am VERY angry with you about that, by the way) is still fresh, I can hardly blame you overly much. It is, after all, in your nature to prove yourself as unique and special (since you have killed everyone that has ever loved you, all you can have now is your enemies' fear and respect) and it was rather stupid of Nathan to go up against you with such a passive power while you have so many aggressive powers at your disposal.

I hope to be seeing you again soon. Life will be dull and colorless without your shiningly dark presence to spice it up. Until then, I suppose I can make due with a Nathan-Sylar hybrid. It is, after all, a marvelously cruel deception.

Ever Yours,

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