Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Day Ever

Ever dwelling in the perfection of tv-land as I do, I couldn't help but think of the two clips from the recent Heroes episode, "Eclipse Part II", where both Hiro and Seth Green's guest character experienced their own individually-unique "best day ever". For us, characters not in a television show or movie but rather living real life as best we can, our own versions of our "best day ever" don't come around very often. Luckily for me, I got one yesterday which I would describe, not only as the best possible Sunday, but as a "best day ever".

For me personally, a "best day ever" must include two of my favorite people in the world, Tina and Katie. Fortunately, they both had the day off, so "check". It should also include movies, and/or television, chocolate and chill time. Since these gals are practically my very own soulmates, they were considerately A-OK with my "best day ever" requirements; "check". Since we've lately shirked our movie-watching duties and there are several potentially good films out right now, we decided on a Double Feature Day.

Our first movie pick was Inkheart. Now, Inkheart has not be getting the best reviews and it was only showing at a theater about 30 minutes out of our way but we were determined to see it. First, it stars Brendan Frasier, who will always be one of my favorite actors, no matter how many bad films he mistakenly plays in. Second, it's an adaptation of a young adult novel and we absolutely LOVE young adult novels (see: Harry Potter, Twilight series, House of Night series, Eragon series, etc). Third, its plot line is not only right down our alley, it IS our alley. A handsome and courageous man that can read characters from books right off the page into real life? A guaranteed happy ending? Count us in and save us some Rasinets cause we are so there.

My Inkheart Review:

Ok, so it's not exactly a shoe-in for next year's Oscars but it did it's job as an entertaining film and that's all I ever ask. The special effects were actually pretty good but that's the word of someone who knows little to nothing about special effects. They didn't distract from the movie by being horrible unbelievable so as far as I'm concerned, they were good. Brendan Frasier was excellent as always (yes, I know there are plenty of people that think he's a horrible actor, but I'm not one of them so if you're not a fan you can just move along, there you go, move along...) and as a surprise bonus, Paul Bettany also co-starred. Paul Bettany is one of the most underrated and under-advertised actors in Hollywood right now. I first fell in love with him when I watching him play Geoffrey Chaucer in A Knight's Tale. No one else could pull off such conceit and dignity whilst walking down a dirt road butt-ass naked. It was brilliant and I've loved him ever since. The addition of Helen Mirren and Andy Serkis also gave the B-movie some much needed weight. Both their characters were so over-the-top and classically dramatic that instead of coming off as unoriginal and ridiculous, they just added to the Disney-like, hilarious fun of the film.
I was fearful of a underdeveloped and choppy story-line, but the screenplay just barely kept it all together with a generally coherent narrative flow. With the addition of a couple flashbacks for back-story, it was enough to keep you in the story for the duration of the film. As suspected and assumed, the story was predictable and there was more than one time where the girls and I argued quietly about stupidity of certain characters' actions, but that's what makes B-movies fun.
Overall, I'm going with a B. The actors and plot-line can easily elevate a C-movie to a B-movie.

At this point in the "best day ever", I sort of felt like I was on an entertainment scavenger hunt... and time was running out. Our next film wasn't playing at the same theater and we had about 30 minutes before it started, with about a 30 minute drive to the other theater, give or take the appropriate speed limit. Luckily for us, the appropriate speed limit means little to me (shhh!!!). We made it to theater with time to spare for a quick dash to the concession stand and restroom. We were even more excited about this next film since, unlike Inkheart, it has been getting pretty good reviews: Confessions of a Shopaholic.

My Confessions of a Shopaholic Review (short-ish):

Adorably cute, it brought to mind all the great aspects of The Devil Wears Prada, without coming off as a complete copy-cat. Isla Fisher brought her amazing Wedding Crashers A-game and did not disappoint. Light and fun, this was movie knew how to make fun of itself and also it's star. There is nothing better than watching a gorgeous woman making a fool out of herself in front of a gorgeous man. It had all the elements we chicks love in our "chick-flicks"; a drop-dead handsome hunk of a man, stupidity, romance, failure followed by success and of course, a happy ending. Throw Joan Cusack and John Goodman into the mix as the kooky parents and you've got yourself a masterpiece. But then again, I'm easy to entertain. Honestly, the biggest pull of the movie was the ever dashing Hugh Dancy, who long ago stole our hearts as the knight Galahad in King Arthur. Even Clive Owen's cloudy presence couldn't hide Dancy's charm and he's been a favorite of mine ever since.
Again, this is no Oscar-worthy film but I doubt it was aspiring to be and whatever it was aspiring to be, you can be certain it hit its mark.
Overall, I give it an A.

Our entertainment scavenger hunt had one last stop: my place for Buffy (we are still working our way through Season 6...nearly there!)

and the Hugh Jackman hosted Oscars. At this point, I could have already classified the day as "best day ever" but as it turns out, this years Oscar ceremony was one of the best I've seen in recent years and that really has all to do with Hugh Jackman. The Academy could not have chosen a better host to liven things up. Again, I really am easy to please when it comes to entertainment (I'd be a horrible critic) and I applauded and giggled along with every musical performance. Hugh Jackman is a highly effective entertainer, whether he's on stage, on screen or simply sitting down for an interview. I tip my hat to you, sir. You're not afraid to make yourself look stupid so that your audience can laugh. Besides, you are SUPER sexy.

So, there you have it. My version of the "best day ever". Feel like chiming in with your best day ever? Sure, go ahead. I'll listen...........

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