Friday, February 6, 2009

TV Ramble

Happy Friday all!

So, as many of you know, I work for TNT in Atlanta. Because I do, I feel like it is my professional duty to try out all our new shows. However, I did minor in Journalism, so I also feel like it's my civic duty to report the truth (well, the truth of my own opinion, that is). So, I can only hope I won't be fired for writing this blog post....*Fingers crossed*.

Once I started working for TNT, I decided to stick my head into The Closer. It was one of our highest performing shows and a lot of people enjoyed it, so why not? It's not exactly my favorite genre, as I have never been drawn into procedural dramas like Law & Order, CSI, Cold Case, Without a Trace, etc. Cop shows bore me, it's just that simple. My tastes run more towards the sci-fi, supernatural, horror and romance. Still, I decided to give it a try and it has held my interest up until now. But, I'm sad to report that there are way too many great shows on right now and I've recently given up on The Closer. Sorry, Kyra, I tried.

I also attempted to try on Raising the Bar, but that lasted less time than The Closer. And it only partly had to do with Mark Paul's hair...

Saving Grace is another story. Yes, it has cops and investigations and all that boring stuff...but it also has one of the dirtiest, naughtiest, so-very-entertaining women on TV right now. Not to mention her partner, Ham, who is lovely eye-candy. This show, though not even in the same region as shows like LOST, Heroes, Supernatural, etc, is still very intriguing (I really don't think there is another show on TV like it) and entertaining to watch. Just as an FYI, new episodes start in March.

Getting to my point, two of our new shows, Leverage and Trust Me, show a lot of potential, Leverage especially. We are just starting Trust Me, but I already look forward to each new episode. Leverage, though, is just...great. Leverage is a show I would watch even if I didn't work for TNT. Let's just clarify, the original pull of this show: Christian Kane. If you know me at all, you know I'm a Joss Whedon fan, one of the bigger ones. Therefore, I am a Angel fan also. I first saw Christan Kane on Angel, as the adorably evil Lindsey. Since then, the tiny Texan has been close to my heart, even so close as to make me wander into country music territory (and I DO NOT do country music, people). In case you didn't know, Chris Kane is a lovely and talented singer and guitar player. Anyhow, Christian Kane pulled me in, but it's the actual show that kept my attention. All the actors are great, the plot-lines are exciting, the character are fun and complex and the writing is alternately moving and humorous.

Recently, TNT renewed Leverage for a second season and 15 more episodes. Happily, someone caught the moment on video:

Too cute, right? If you haven't seen it, start watching now, if only for Christian's amazing portrayal of the ass-kicking, knife-fighting, totally sexy Eliot.

On a different network note, some of you may be wondering why I haven't been raving about Dollhouse, what with all the online media attention it's been getting. I'm here now to tell you why. I just don't want to. Take that, Journalism minor! Ok, seriously though, I am SUPER excited about Dollhouse for next week, but it's just one of those show that I want to be a surprise. So much has been said about the production problems, script problems, etc...and I just didn't want to hear about it anymore. Joss knows his shit and I trust him. Heck, I trust that man with my life, let alone with the creation of another amazing TV show. So, no, I won't report on all the recent reviews or post interviews with the cast. If you want that, head over to Whedonesque and they will hit you up with all that jazz. As for me, I'm gonna leap over that ledge blind, with only Joss as my trusty cliff-leaping guide. He's the only guide you'll ever need and that my friends, is the God's honest truth.

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