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Heroes - Trust and Blood - 2/9

So, I've been thinking, for the sake of time and my very few, but gentle readers' fading patience, to try a different "discussion" format for my weekly Heroes ramble You can check it out and let me know what you think, as compared to my never-ending, bit by tiny bit, usual episode dissection. Let's attempt to bullet-point four different categories, for a faster, simpler and healthier reading experience:

1) I Told Ya So! - What We Discovered
2) Huh?! - New and Continued Questions
3) That Rocked! - What I Liked
4) That Sucks! - What I Had a Problem With

1) What we now know:

- Peter outright and straight-forwardly confirmed what many have been debating about, mainly that he now can only retain one (1) power at a time. The power that he has at any given time comes from the last person he touched. Once he touches another "special", the old power vanishes and he gets the power of the new "special".

- As I argued (correctly) in my last Heroes post, HRG has his own reasons for helping Nathan, mainly, the two I suspected; keeping Claire safe and because it's what he believes in. Though HRG may seem evil, his main priority has always been Claire's safety. By having Nathan promise to give Claire a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card in exchange for his help rounding up the "specials", he can keep her safe and also help keep people with dangerous abilities controlled, which is what he has always been about, going back to Season 1. He also has some collateral over Nathan, as we see when he slyly threatens him with exposure to The Hunter.

- We knew that Angela was helping Nathan with his "mission", but we now know that she doesn't necessarily LIKE helping him, nor does she seem to trust him.

- Daphne is dead and Parkman is now out for blood.

- Sylar is back to his charming serial-killer ways and we feel compelled say, "We missed you, honey".

- There is some MAJOR dissension in Nathan's "hunting" ranks and everything isn't going as smoothly for him as we were lead to believe.

2) What we still don't know:

- Why can Peter hold onto only one power now and could that eventually change?

- How long can Nathan control The Hunter before he starts going all American Psycho on the "specials"?

- What is Nathan going to do with Tracy, now that he has her drugged and locked up? Ohhh...I hope it's something naughty!

- And the number one burning question: Who is texting Claire? Best guesses so far: Micah or her mother (who is not necessarily dead).

3) Dude, I totally digged that:

- Seeing so many of our favorite heroes together, fighting for their lives and the lives of their friends is just plain awesome! It was awesome at the end of season 1 and it's just as awesome now.

- Daphne stealing Clarie away, lighting fast, right in front of her captors. It reminds us how powerless they can be and how powerful our heroes sometimes forget they are. Plus, it was just funny.

- "Rednecks Make Better Lovers" - need I say more?

- HRG refusing to shoot Peter when he had the shot and Nathan thanking him for it. Nathan may be a cutthroat, ambitious, political climber but this scene showed that he still has a heart, however deep it may be buried. The same goes for the scene between him and The Hunter, "Not animals. People." Either the writers are teasing us with the possibility that Nathan can be redeemed or...he really can be.

- Sylar going back to his roots. And when I say "roots", I mean irresistible psycho-killer, the way we like him.

4) Seriously? Seriously?:

- I'm not sure how I feel about Mohinder's "save yourself, forget your friends" mentality. And if I'm going to say that, I'm also going to complain about how his character has transformed from his season 1 character. He used to be one of my favorite characters, who seemed to be honorable and courageous but now he just seems...resigned and defeated. Hopefully that will change over the next couple episodes.

- Luke (Skywalker), Sylar's new "apprentice". He looks at Sylar like he might be falling in love with him and the last thing Sylar needs is a sidekick. He does just fine on his own and I don't need any other character taking away from his evil magnetism. Besides, that kid is just annoying. I think he must take after his mother.

- My number one peeve: The new Matt Parkman. If the writers are taking him down the path that I think they are, I'm not going to be happy. As I have said before, Parkman is one of the truly GOOD guys left and now that Daphne has been killed dead, I'm afraid of what Parkman might become in his quest for revenge. As Mohinder said: "That's not us. That's not you".

Ok, Heroes lovers, what do you think? Liking the new discussion format or do you prefer the other, long-winded one? What did you think of the episode? Good, bad or eh?

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