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Lost - This Place is Death - 2/11

I have recently come to terms with a sad truth. That truth is that there is no possible way to write a short and sweet LOST post. Just typing an outline of one episode ends up being several pages long. So, I hang my head in shameful defeat, start typing and hope I can finish by the end of the work day...

I keep waiting to come across a "good" or "decent" LOST episode. I think, "Surely this next one can't be as good as the last few, let alone better...". Again I am defeated, because Season 5 LOST just keeps getting better and better. Even my own mother, who could really care less about television, told me the other day that she would happily watch hour after hour of LOST. I could attempt to explain its ludicrous appeal to you, but I would just butcher it by trying to explain in words. There are no words and if there were, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I'm really not that good.

Ok people, let's jump on this whirly-gig o' time-traveling craziness...

In this episode, we are handed some answers to what I like to call a "mini-mystery", which is one of the smaller mysteries that might have gotten lost in the clusterf**k of bigger, more important mysteries. This mystery was Rousseau's story. What really happened to her team? What was this "sickness" she kept talking about? How could she shoot her baby daddy?! Ask and we shall receive (the LOST gods are occasionally forth-coming). What happened to her team? The smoke monster happened, that's what. Even with Jin there, who might have been able to change the past, they couldn't escape their fate. It was very upsetting to watch their story unfold, while we already knew how sadly it would end. Still, even as our bipolar LOST gods give, they sometimes give too much. With our kindly answered questions, there comes the inevitable questions-from-answered-questions. Like, what exactly did the smoke monster do to Rousseau's team to make them turn against her? How exactly were they "sick"? More importantly, is there more to the smoke monster than meets the eye? It's been reported (source: Brettastic) that the writers have confirmed that the smoke monster can take different shapes. For example, when Shannon saw Walt in the jungle, right before she got shot by Ana Lucia, that was actually the smoke monster, guiding her towards her death. I have no idea if this is actually true, but if it is, then the smoke monster could have been anyone our characters have dreamily seen in the jungle. It could probably Yimi (sp?), leading Eko to his death, it could have been Dave, Hurley's imaginary friend, trying to make Hurley jump off the cliff. Yeah, the possibilities are endless. Dang you, LOST writers, you're gonna make me suffer Charlotte's fate if this keeps on!

Let's cut to Jin for a moment. You have to feel for the guy. Poor thing has been through so much already; blown-up, attacked by Smoky, shifting confused though time, shot at by Rousseau, dehydrated and alone. That's why, when Sawyer comes up behind him with a gun and Jin turns around to look at him, all our hearts swell with the reunion. Even Tina and Katie can't resist jumping up and down in excitement and they don't even watch the show. Yeah, it was THAT good. I might even have teared up a little. *sniffle*

Sticking On-Island, we are handed some contradicting information this episode. As we have been told since the end of Season 4, the way to save the Island and all the people on it, aka: stopping the time-shifts, is to bring all the Oceanic 6 back. However, we can clearly see, once Locke makes it to the Island's "donkey-wheel", that the wheel is off it's axis and it seems like that is the problem causing the Island's constant shifts through time. So, shouldn't the Island stop moving, now that John has put it back on its rightful axis? Any thoughts, cause I'm drawing a blank?

Still On-Island, Brett's (and Faraday's) worst fears were realized last night. The time-shifting finally took it's first victim on the Island. Poor Charlotte is dead and though she wasn't one of my favorite characters (they didn't exactly introduce her as a saint, now did they?), I still feel sad for Faraday. It seems he is racking up the number of women he has failed over the years. I might want to re-think my crush, before my nose starts bleeding. However, we get a nice present to help pay for her death: her own Island story, which we have been wondering about. Again, the inevitable questions come along with our shiny, new answers; who was Charlotte's father? I'll bet my bottom dollar it was someone important, perhaps someone we have already met. And why would Daniel make contact with her as a child (in the past) and try to stop her from coming back, if he now knows it's a lost cause? And this might be my answer as to whether the Island will stop time-shifting now that Locke has fixed the wheel. Obviously, if Daniel is going to be able to get to the past where Charlotte is a kid, the Island will have to continue to time-shift, same goes for the scene we got in the first episode, of Daniel infiltrating Dharma near the Island's power source. Also, how does Charlotte remember Daniel coming to her as a kid, if it hasn't happened yet? Perhaps being near death allows her to remember. Hummmmm......

Ok, this is the topic I have been dreading bringing up since it's really just an unimaginable tangle. Ben. Yeah, Beady Eyes certainly can cause a headache. Let's just list some of the never-ending questions this one episode brought up. What has Ben been doing these past 3 years? What steps has he taken (besides enlisting Sayid as an assassin) to keep the O6 safe? Why, in Zeus' name, does he even CARE about keeping them safe? Why does he care so much that they get back to the Island? If they get back, does that mean he can also go back? And why, oh why, did Ben move the Island when it was Locke's job? Did Ben know that Locke was supposed to do it or was he just ignorant (this is a stupid question, since Ben has never been ignorant)? How does Ben know Ms. Hawkings, Faraday's mother? And so on...

It's possible that Ben wanted off the Island at the end of Season 4, since he had lost the trust of his people and because his daughter was dead (vengeance time?). Ben is only out for number one so I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to wound the Island in retribution for all it had taken from him. Allowing the O6 to leave and moving the Island himself seemed to cause the Island some grief, not to mention everyone else we know and love.

It's obvious, too, that Ben had no idea that Ms. Hawkings was Faraday's mother (damn, the one time he's ignorant about something!) and if he knows that Faraday was Widmore's man, he may not be too happy about discovering that connection. I'm just happy Penny stayed on the boat. That could have ended badly...

We are also shown a certain pattern emerging around Ben and Locke. It seems that everything that Locke is supposed to do, ie: moving the Island, gathering up the O6 and taking them to Ms. Hawkings, Ben has done instead. Is this just fate or is it just Ben working his evil magic? Or is it Locke, who can't seem to do anything right, no matter how hard he tries or what he sacrifices? Christian (we will come back to him) seems to want Locke to gather up the O6 and take them to Ms. Hawkings but also die...We know he fulfilled one of those duties, but why is Ben always picking up his slack? And will it cause problems that Ben is the one gathering up the O6 and not Locke? Hummmmm....

Alright, let's bullet point some additional thoughts:

- What is Sun going to do with her daughter if she plans on leaving for the Island to find Jin? I doubt she can come along but at the same time, is Sun really going to leave her for an unknowable length of time?

- Brett came up with a theory about the time-shifting. He noticed that the Island always seems to time-shift when our castaways are in trouble. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it possible that the Island is attempting to protect them? And yet, this episode, the time-shifting kicked-up it's pace, causing Charlotte to die. Was that intentional, or just fate?

- What is Sayid's problem? He has nothing keeping him off the Island, why wouldn't he want to go back? Again, what happened between him and Ben to cause such a riff?

- Obviously, Locke didn't keep his promise to Jin. He instead gave Jin's ring to Ben, I guess in order for Ben to convince Sun that Jin was still alive. But that was the opposite of what Jin wanted. Oh well.

- CHRISTIAN! That looney toon, that bastard! Ok, I'm done. Seriously thought, what IS he? They never found his body, is it possible that he is still alive? But if so, why didn't he help Locke up? And if it isn't Christian, or at least the ghost of Christian, then why did he tell Locke to tell his son "hello"? Seriously, much chin scratching!

- Last but not least, what is Ms. Hawking's endgame? Is she undercover, working for Widmore, like her son was, or is she trying to find the Island and therefore help save her son? Or does she have another reason for helping Ben? I guess it would help to know if she really is the blonde girl-Other, Ellie or not. That would help..*coughwritershelpcough*

Ok, that's all for this week, LOST lovers! Questions, comments, concerns? Hit me up on the comments!

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