Monday, June 8, 2009

The Body Politic

As some of you may or may not know, I am a wee bit of a Veronica Mars fan. Consequently, I am also a huge fan of Jason Dohring, he who playeth Logan on VM and he who charmingly confirmed the fact that I, and all females like me, will forever fall for the bad-boy, despite our real-life best efforts to the contrary.

Since the last episode of Veronica Mars, I have seen Jason Dohring light up the big and little screen in only two other projects: the doomed CBS vampire drama Moonlight and the independent short, Struck (which I loved). Since then, he's be curiously and infuriatingly MIA from the duty of entertaining me. Hopefully, he won't be MIA much longer. Cue the possibly new CW show, The Body Politic. Since Watch with Kristin can pitch this show with more flare and accuracy than I ever could, I will send you there for the DL. people still say that? Probably not...I'm always out of the trendy-word loop...

Anyway, if you're too busy to read their glowing review of the very un-CW CW show, just check out the two quick scenes (both with Jason Dohring, of course!) below and see what you think:

So, whatcha think? I'm not really one for political shows - but I do love me some J.D.

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pau said...

I love Jason Dohring; he has made a wonderful work in Veronica Mars.

I love politic but iam not very found of Minka Kelly (although i like Friday Night Lights). Moreover the love triangle drama is not very my cup of tea, but i read the script and this show has potential. This show is not for the CW network, it's too far clever and the cast is too good.

Anyway i think Jason Dohring would make movies instead of tv (unless that it is on HBO,SFX,Showtime),he has the acting shops and charisma to be a movie star.
I don't understand why Kbell is becoming a breakout star and not him because they have the same capacities.


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