Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Buffy vs. Edward

See now, this video works for so many people. It works for people who love Buffy, for people who love staring at Robert Pattinson, for Twi-haters and most importantly, for Twilight fans with a good sense of humor. The only sort of people this video doesn't work for are those girls who just can't stand the thought of a stake being thrust, cruelly and without pity, into Edward's shining, white chest. Get over it girls! I'm pretty sure this is EXACTLY what would happen if Buffy met up with Edward. She likes her vampires bad - not moody and swoony (though, it can be argued that both Angel and Spike had their moody and swoony stints every now and then).

Whoever made this video - I tip my hat to you. It's just plain brilliant.

Thanks to HGE for the video!

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kiwi said...

wow, that is awesome!


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