Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Hits - Summer Movie Reviews

I know it's been forever and a weekday since I last posted. I must apologize for that - and immediately start throwing excuses your way. In my defense, they are pretty good excuses. For one, work has been kicking my backside lately but that is to be expected, what with our rise in original programming. Also, there really hasn't been that much to discuss since my DVR has become depressingly empty due to the end of the fall TV season.

But never fear my faithful readers! The Summer Movie Season has begun and I have some quick reviews from my most recent cinematic adventures:

Angels and Demons

I definitely enjoyed this one more than The DaVinci Code. It had more action, more suspense, more villains and it had Ewan McGregor. That fact in and of itself was enough to bring up the entertainment level. And if I should be felled by God for lusting after a fake priest - then so be it. It was worth it. However, even though this film was better than DaVinci Code, it's still the lowest on my summer movie list.

My Grade: B-
$/Theater or DVD: This could wait until the DVD release. I wouldn't say it's worth $10 - but if you can check it out in south GA for $6, then maybe then it's worth seeing in the theater. Otherwise, Netflix that sucker and check it out on a big-screen and all will be well.

Terminator Salvation

I am not sure what you've heard about this film, but my review is shining. Apparently, if you are a gung-ho James Cameron Terminator fan and you're expecting something like those films, then you'll be disappointed. But honestly, who really went into that movie thinking it would be exactly like those Arnold bomb-a-thons? Besides, I was never much of a Terminator fan. I enjoyed the films and they are certainly classics, but I wouldn't call myself a Terminator fangirl. So, that being said, I LOVED this movie. It was gritty, dark, exciting, new and just plain fun. It was all these things and that is exactly what I expected when I walked into the theater. And it was more. It was - egads! - emotional! Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm such a girly-girl, but I did tear up a bit at the end. The story of John Conner and even more so, the story of Marcus Wright (played by the yummy Sam Worthington) really tugged at my easily-tugged heart-strings. Call me sappy, call me blasphemous for sobbing during a Terminator film, call me whatever you like - but that doesn't change the truth. And the truth is - this film rocked my socks (if I had had socks on to rock) off. Not only that but Sam Worthington is my new favorite swoon-causer. It takes some pretty big cahonas (not to mention an insanely chiseled jaw) to upstage Christan Bale in his own film, but Worthington pulled it off, shocking and awe-ing and bringing tears to my eyes doing it.

My Grade: A
$/Theater or DVD: No question about it - dish out the $10 and see this in the theater. It's worth it, I cross my heart.


This movie has been raved about for the last couple weeks and I am sorry to disappoint you but after seeing it last night, I am of a like mind with the UP-ravers. This movie was excellent, even if it did err more on the side of sad and depressing - at least more so than other Disney/Pixar films. Instead of bringing in tissues for happy Disney tears, bring them in for sad Disney tears. This is not to say that the film ended badly (honestly, it's a Disney film, people!) or that its appeal was lessened by its weepy scenes. On the contrary, the sad scenes brought a charm and depth to the movie, an aspect that has been rather prevalent in recent Disney/Pixar films. Except, unlike Wall-E, I could easily connect and sympathize with the characters (seeing as they were actual humans with human speaking skills). This movie was charmingly grumpy, a bittersweet adventure that reflected the mood and nature of the main character. The little boy, Russell, kept it from tipping over into depressing territory with his little boyscout antics, fearful heroism and a love for any creature that crossed his path.

My Grade: A
$/Theater or DVD: This could really go either way. I guess it all depends on what you have in the bank. All Pixar films are better watched in a theater and I would suggest paying the money to see it there instead of waiting to rent it. Still, if you can't see it in the theater, you should definitely rent it and watch it.

So, that's all the time and money worth of summer movies I've had so far but keep checking in for new and improved summer movie updates. And of course, because I am a Twihard (though not one of those screeching, tween ones), I will leave you with the newly released trailer for New Moon. I'm sure you've already seen it a ka-billion times, but go ahead, watch it again. You know you want to...

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