Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heroes - Exposed - 3/2

So, I know I've dropped the ball on Heroes. *looks down in shame* It's not that I've stopped watching it or even stopped loving it. In fact, after last night's episode, it's quite the opposite. It's just that it's moving along very slowly right now, due to the tightly-spaced plot-line and I didn't think it useful to write my notoriously (or not...) long-winded posts each week. Not enough really happens in each episode to warrant that. But, I'm back in the game! Put me in coach! I'm ready to play!

So, as noted above, not a whole lot happened in last night episode, but what did happen was important. Not only that, it was GOOD. Really good; smack-my-lips first season good. The writers stuck to three story-lines, not overwhelming us and giving us a nice amount of time with each story. The episode was intense but focused and it allowed for some major character development, which is something we needed. When you have characters that are growing and changing in a speedy manner, it's imperative that you give your audience lots of face time with them, showing us WHY they are changing. This is something Heroes seriously lacked in the last part of Season 2 and into Season 3. It may cut into the action, but it's worth it if the audience can see the reasons behind...oh say...Mohinder going from peaceful scientist to power-hungry monster, just as one example. Anyway, I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah...

This episode was the best I've seen in a LONG time. So far, Fugitives has been entertaining and Monday night is still my second favorite night of television, but it's obvious that the writers are still working out the kinks of Season 2 that have flowed into Season 3. I really do have faith that the show will straighten out and get back on track (every show has bad seasons and it was hard for Heroes to show-up their amazing first season) and I think last night's episode was a great step forward towards that goal. And honestly, even if it doesn't find its groove, I'll still enjoy watching it. I love the characters and the cast and the concept is still way beyond cool. But again, I digress...

I just want to bring up a couple key points (opinions) and we'll call it a day:

1) I know some people were worried about the possibly repetitious romance between Claire and another dark and handsome "special", but I really enjoyed it. This show could use a little bit of romance drama and who better to bring it but a cute 17 year old girl? I've become very fond of our new Aquaman character and yes, I'm probably biased due to the very kind shirtless shot the writers gave us last night, but honestly, I liked him way before I saw his rockin' bod. Regardless, they gave us just enough romance to balance out the action and I thought it worked out very well. Not to mention, underwater kissing scenes make for great vicarious viewing.

2) There was a lot of humor in this episode, which is something I think the show seriously needed. Everything has been very real and serious for our characters this volume and it's important to have some comic relief for the audience. Perfect example; Sylar's "Cake?" line. This episode, from Clarie's "we're having sex" excuse to Matt Parkman's "whatup" nod to the camera in Building 26 to Sylar smushing Luke's face against the car window, had some great, unexpected comedy. It really leveled-up the quality of the episode.

3) I experienced a new emotion while watching Sylar this episode, one I haven't ever felt before; boredom. How that's possible, I'm not sure but there it is. I don't want to place Zach Quinto in this, he was his usual brilliant self, but as far as Sylar goes, I'm kinda over his whole parental unit scavenger hunt. It's interesting to know about his past and that's great information to have, but I feel like it's been dragged out a bit. I would really love to see Sylar back in the heroes game, playing along side our other characters. Some major stuff is going down and it's about time Sylar stuck his head into it, creating a whole new dynamic. In fact, I'd love to see a Sylar vs Danko face-off. Right? Right? Yeah, that'd be AWESOME!

4) At this point, do Nathan and Peter not realize that when the other comes in for a brotherly hug, it probably doesn't bode well for the hugee? Peter let's Nathan hug him and he gets tazered. Nathan lets Peter hug him and Peter uses his ability to fly away. I'm pretty sure this faux-hug theme has been played a lot over the seasons. Isn't it about time that they get a clue? No hugging allowed! It just opens a window for backstabbing!

5) Peter and Parkman are badass together. Simple.

6) And....Nathan's catching on. What he is trying to do could have been accomplished in a better way and I loved that Angela pointed that out to him. He has completely lost control of his operation and has instead unleashed a ruthless and determined semi-psychopath against innocent "specials". Let's just hope he starts to make amends for what he's done in next week's episode. I really don't want Matt to blow-up. I like Matt.

7) What did Angela whisper to Nathan and why did Nathan look back up to where Peter disappeared? Does it have something to do with Peter? Tell me, dangit!

Anyway, in conclusion, it's my informed opinion that this episode totally rocked. If you don't agree, I will happily fight you to the death.

Until next week, Heroes lovers!


H said...

my theory on angela's whisper is that it's about how danko just released parkman on the steps to blow up. she says something about how "the game has changed. i saw it" key word: "saw," as in, angela saw the future--and hopefully is telling nathan in time to keep matt from blowing up...i, too, like matt.

re: peter and nathan hugging all the time...apparently they didn't watch the godfather growing up :)

i totally agree with your assessment of the show...definitely some much needed character development and comic relief :)

Bufyluver said...

Yippie! I'm glad you liked it! We shall speak more of this later. ;)


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