Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Ramblings

Holy Nipple-Suit, Batman! It's been awhile since my last post. I am totally shirking my blogging duties for my real-life job duties. I have got to get my priorities in order! With that rationale in mind, there really is a lot to ramble about and I should probably start a-ramblin' before my work catches up with me...

Let's talk Watchmen. The buzz on this movie has been...extensive, to say the least. And all that was BEFORE it was released. Now that it's been released, I actually feel like the talk has died down. From some friends and some online sources, I've gotten the impression that most people liked it, but there were of course some similar problems and critics most everyone had about it. I was told that if you hadn't read the comic yet, DON'T read it before seeing the movie and that's exactly what I had planned anyway. It was a good choice, I think. Personally, I liked the movie a lot, but didn't necessarily love it. It was very engaging and highly entertaining and it was merely the open-ended, discontented ending that didn't allow for my outright "love". I think for such a HUGE undertaking, such a HUGE translation from comic to film, Snyder did a really good job. He could have made a ton of fans unhappy, but I think he pretty much dodged that bullet. You can never make everyone happy, but he did a decent job of it. For me, a non-fan, the greatness of the movie came from its cinematic beauty, its intriguing and surprising story-line and its morally gray band of misfit heroes. And if anyone knows me, they know I just love a good dose of morally gray (and it's even better if it comes in a pretty package).

So, I officially declare Watchmen a success. Zach Snyder can go on living his high-profile life, relatively certain that his list of mortal enemies isn't as large as it could have been if he had fraked that movie up. Life is good.

Let's do a quick switch-a-roo to television. Castle premiered last week and despite the numerous B-C gradings from some online reviews, it comes off as a cute, fluffy show, with lots of room to grow. Nathan was his adorable self and did not disappoint one bit. It is already on my top TV list and can only make Monday nights even better. Yes, I am biased because I am a huge Nathan Fillion fan, but still, it's worth watching, especially if you're into something light and funny. And with shows like Heroes, LOST and Dollhouse, I could certainly use some light and funny elements in my TV mix.

Speaking of Dollhouse...I watched last Friday's episode yesterday, on my usual TV Sunday, and I've got to say (very excitedly!), that this show just keeps getting better and better. Again, I know it's had its share of bumps in the road and God knows what kind of order FOX is airing the episodes in, but honest to goodness, I am getting seriously excited about this show. Next week, Paul Ballard, the one and only Tahmoh, finally runs into Echo and I'm all a-titter in anticipation of a seriously sexually tense smackdown. As before and as always, my faith in Joss is unwavering and as each week passes with a greater and greater Dollhouse, that faith is rewarded tenfold. Now, let's just hope FOX feels the same way and renews for a second season. Here's hopin'.

And speaking of the delicious Tahmoh, I have finally succumbed to Battlestar Galactica. I truly do not know if this was the best idea ever or the worst. Up to this point, I have attempted to avoid most sci-fi shows that have huge cult followings. I am a nerd, that is for certain, but I always felt that if I took that plunge into sci-fi territory and found that I loved it, I would forever be a geek, with no way out and no excuses and certainly no marriage proposals. My dad claims that it's already too late for that, but I still held tight to that choice. When I finally Netflix'ed the BSG mini-series, dipping my big toe into highly geekified sci-fi infested waters, my worst nightmares were realized. I loved it, LOVED it. I am hooked in the worst possible way and as I ordered the first 2 seasons on Amazon today, dreaming of browsing CafePress for a FRAK YOU! t-shirt, I accepted my inevitable, lonely geek fate with a resigned sigh. I suppose I was a gonner from my very first glimpse of Buffy. No use crying over spilled milk, especially when the milk is so frakkin' amazing. has caught up with me. This is Lauren with Monday Ramblings, signing off and re-entering real-life. See ya next time.

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