Sunday, August 24, 2008

Religious and Political Views Ensue...

So, obviously, within the first couple minutes of my road trip to Charleston with Lucas (it's complicated, don't ask) we start into an argument. This one started with Lucas throwing out some racist comment (and he calls me RACIST!) about Jewish people (something about being cheap, so original, sheesh) and me jokingly asking him not to insult my people (I'm half Jewish, on my mother's side). He went on to insist that I wasn't really Jewish...

Lucas: "Did you have a bar mitzvah?"
Me: "Well, no...but I went to a couple..."
Lucas: "Then you're not really Jewish".

I will cut out the boring back and forth banter, but the conversation ended this way (also, your QotD):

Lucas: "...not only did his Uncles give him thousands of dollars in a trust fund, but his father took him to some sacred mountain in Israel. And God knows how much THAT cost...".

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