Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Legend of the Seeker

One day, several months ago, I was browsing through a bookstore with my dad in Perry, Georgia. Seeing as there is nothing but tractors, deer and lonely cotton fields in southern Georgia, a bookstore stop is always a highlight of any visit to see my parents. As I browsed through an entertainment magazine that had caught my eye, three words stopped my hands from turning to the next page; Wizard's First Rule. "What's this?", I thought. A small article, accompanied by one small picture, told me that Sam Raimi (of Spider-man fame) was working on a series for syndication. A series that was based off Terry Goodkind's 1995 book, "Wizard's First Rule". Trembling with excitement, I ran to my dad to show him the article. I proceeded to screech in his ear about the frakkin' awesome idea that we might actually get to see this book series, which we had both been reading for over ten years (there are twelve books in the series, the last one, "Confessor", released only last year), played out in a fairly decent fashion on our television sets. I couldn't wait.

I ended up missing the first episode, which premiered on November 1st, since I couldn't find the showing anywhere in my television guide. But last Saturday, as I was channel surfing (something I try to avoid at all costs), I came across several showings and recorded every one of them. I was concerned that the show creators would make a Sci-Fi Channel-looking show which was not shot very well and had amazingly corny dialogue. Well, it ended up having it's fair share of corniness, but it was shot WAY better than I had predicted and I enjoyed every minute of it. The fight scenes were beautifully choreographed and the casting of Craig Horner and Bridget Regan was brilliant. The casting of Zedd, however, I was not happy with at all. Zedd is supposed to be warm and grandfatherly and Bruce Spence is more Tales from the Crypt than anything. But other than that, it's a great show and I am very proud and happy it turned out so well.

Follow this link to see some videos and check out the video below to get a idea about the show. Maybe you'll give it a try! Gotta love corny!


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