Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Ramblings

I've got a couple different issues to discuss and ramble about today and since this blog has an average of maybe 2 viewers (Ok, yes, I'm rounding up. So sue me) it's mostly me rambling I'm like the crazy, old cat lady except instead of talking to my cat, I'm talking to my blog (Ok, yes, I talk to my cats too. So sue me). Anyway, onward and outward.

This weekend my two BFFs (Tina and Katie) and I stole away to a magical land. A land of couches and big leather chairs that swallow you whole in their soft, lazy embrace. A land of cooking whilst under duress, crazy family reunions (minus two: my wayward sister Jamie and my cat, Candy, who was killed recently by an evil dog; my heart still aches) and the traditional talk of cocaine, sex and Judaism at the restaurant table. I drove home yesterday, not with visions of candy canes and sugarplums in my head (Christmas is coming!), but with visions of demons, vampires, shapeshifters, the Winchester boys (be still, my heart) and kooky southern bells. We spent all of Saturday and part of early Sunday morning catching up with this season's Supernatural and True Blood. I will not speak of the nightmares I suffered when I finally fell into bed. It's just too bad they didn't also contain bedroom scenes with Sam and Dean. Needless to say, the two shows are rocking my relatively dull world. This season's Supernatural is by far it's best to date and with the addition of angels to the list of supernatural creatures, it's only getting better and better. True Blood is just as exciting to watch. Except for the crawl-out-of-the-ground-naked-and-have-sex part. That was...interesting and not to mention...dirty. No pun intended. Anyway, it was a fun and relaxing weekend (at least while my mother was out of the room).

In an effort to stop myself from blogging non-stop about Twilight, here's some fun scoop on Heroes from Kristen Dos Santos. Seriously, I want her job. She has my total dream job, no question about it. I'm not above admitting my total and complete jealousy of her. Check out below for some TV scoop.

Also, in case you haven't heard, it pains me to report that it's very possible that Pushing Daisies will get cancelled after this season. It's not confirmed, but the next two weeks are crucial. It's a great show. It's unique, funny, inspirational, eccentric and complex. Please try to watch this week and next to show your support. It would suck to have this show off the air and instead have some dreadful non-scripted show in its place. Like we need more reality, come on people. Open your minds and realize the beauty and power of your and others imaginations. And of course, the total cuteness of Lee Pace. Don't miss out on that.

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