Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don't Hate Me, Buffy

I'm a terrible person, just terrible. I've been letting down my original love; my first love. It's just so hard sometimes. My first love is still in my life, but it's an old, dimmed love. Every night there are new and exciting loves to have and those are the ones that are always foremost in my thoughts the next day. They are shiny, thrilling and fresh. There's always creepy ghost sex to see, sexy brothers to swoon over, mean doctors to love to hate, Superman becoming Superman drama, and adorably damaged men who can look into your eyes and see your soul to fall in love with. Yeah, I know right?! TV goodies abound and it's just so very hard to remember your cancelled loves. But Buffy is different, very different. My love for Buffy, though old and dimmed a bit, is lasting. I will never forget her, no matter how many shiny new loves waltz into my life and whisper sweet-nothings into my ear. It brings to mind an article I read in Neptune Noir, a book filled with Veronica Mars articles, editing by it's creator, Rob Thomas. One writer began her article with an apology to Buffy, saying she felt guilty for straying away, but that Veronica was just so teasingly appealing, she just couldn't help herself. She was a cheater...just like me. But in the end, we always realize our mistake and come crawling back, begging Buffy to take us back. And she always does.

So, here's a gifted post, for my cheated love. Your VotD comes from YouTube, via Whedonesque. It's a very cool fan-trailer for Season 3 Buffy and if you check around, you can find the Season 1 and 2 trailers also. They are quite excellent. It makes you want to watch Buffy all over again...but wait! I'm already doing that. Just a couple episodes left of Season 5 and then it's on to Season 6! Let's just hope those tantalizing Dexter seasons don't call to me first...

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