Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings

Howdy all! Again, let me stress - I am not a huge redneck. I just like the word. It's very friendly. Ok, moving on...

Your Video of the Day is a doozy. Since the start of LOST season 5, I have also started reading Jeff Jensen's (AKA Doc Jensen) LOST Theories EW column and let me tell you...He goes WAY beyond merely dissecting LOST themes, way beyond. He makes my obsessed and overly-excited television blog look like a disinterested shrug. Still, he's very imaginative and always backs-up his theories with hard ( naughty jokes please...) evidence. And low and behold, he's got his very own EW video segment, called "Totally Lost", where he and Dan Snierson discuss and tease on LOST. It's humorous, teasing and actually...kind of intelligent. And here my mom always thought I would only get stupider while sitting on the couch, watching TV 24/7. Pah, shows what she knows.

Anyway, go HERE for this week's "Totally Lost" video and also stick around and check out Jensen's LOST names theory.

Also, despite my obviously biased reluctance, I watched the pilot episode of Lie to Me yesterday. Obviously biased because the show came off as too much The Mentalist to me and since I am a big fan of The Mentalist, I didn't want to fall for a copycat show. I mean seriously, how would Tim Roth ever compare to Simon Baker? Seriously...look at that face:

Well, it turns out that Tim Roth, though leaning towards the creepy side (though it probably just comes from his creepy The Incredible Hulk character), can still act his butt off and Lie to Me makes for a great show *I say with disgruntled respect. If you haven't seen it, check it out on Hulu and then DVR that sucker every Wed night. It's not worth missing LOST for, but it's worth checking out. Also, go HERE to the FOX website to learn more about the show.

In other news, Heroes Volume 4 is fast approaching (it airs on Monday, 2/2) and I found this promo on YouTube. It's not the best quality, but you get the point; the point being that it looks totally freaking awesome! I can hardly decide if I will be able to live with the excitement of both LOST and Heroes each week, but I'll do my best to fight through the amazingly enticing haze of these TV worlds and eventually make it back to reality, hopefully in time for work the next morning.

That's all for my television advise today, folks. Now, finish up work, run to the gym (or if you're blessed with an awesome metabolism, the ice cream shop) and speed home in time for the new episode of LOST tonight. As I've heard in recent's going to put even the premiere episodes to shame and I honestly didn't even think that was possible. Look for my weekly LOST discussion, up by Friday.

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