Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scoop 'O News

Spoiler Warning...

First and by far most importantly, an eye-popping Supernatural scoop, straight from Kristin Dos Santos, from E! Online. In her recent Spoiler Chat post, Kristin hinted that...OMG...there might be another Winchester brother!! Holy cow in a hand-basket. I can't even fathom it! Now, if you aren't a Supernatural fan, then this post is meaningless to you. But if, however, you're a fan of Winchester and Sons, Demon Hunters since 1983, this is a life-changing plot twist. Not only do we now get the thrill of waiting to see which new hunk 'o actor is going to prove to have the sexy Winchester genes, but we get the happy job of brainstorming on how the HECK John Winchester has another son floating around out there. Did he have the secret son with Mary (a full brother) or did John have an affair and it's the son of another woman (a half-brother)? I just can't believe that John Winchester would have an affair, not as obvious as they have made his love and devotion for her. So what, maybe a first born, making Dean the middle brother? What could have happened to this lost brother and what will this revelation do to Sam and Dean? I'd guess that an extra, secret brother is only going to cause...trouble, big hunk 'o trouble. The only good thing that I can see coming out of this is the probable and exciting screen time for Jeffery Dean Morgan. We've missed you John. Come back to us.

On another Supernatural note and spoiler, who's the "fan favorite" that's going to die?? I can only guess either Bobby or Castiel and either death will be heartbreaking. Say it ain't so! *Sob*

Ok, I'm moving past it....

And I'm good. Moving on...

In some New Moon/Twilight news, Taylor Lautner is still in the running to keep his job as Jacob. We will know this week, via Summit. Go to HisGoldenEyes for more info. If I have anything to say about it (which I don't), Taylor will stick as Jacob. I know a lot of people who hated him playing the part, but I thought he was fantastical. A little time at the gym and a little CGI/special effects work and we've got our perfect, 7-feet tall, manly, New Moon Jacob-werewolf. If you want to fight about it, you know where I'll be.

Also in related Twilight Zone news, the cover art for the DVD has been released and it sure looks snazzy. Sure, the film was a disappointment, but at least now we know and we can move on and enjoy some special feature goodies on the DVD. Thanks to HGE for the picture!

And now for your QotD, another from Mistborn. I'm slowly making my way through the book, slowly because I've got way too much good tv to watch and it keeps me from my pages, and it's been very good so far. I'm still waiting on some romance and I may never get it, but here's hopin'. I just love my romance. *Sigh*

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