Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost - Jughead - 1/28

Wow, ok. "Jughead"...wait for a bomb. An H-bomb. Go figure. I never would have guessed that one.

Much too early side thought: Why name a whole episode after a bomb storyline that doesn't even come up but for a of couple minutes? Perhaps they could have called the episode "Faraday" or "What Came Before" or something to that effect. Still, I have to admit, it was fun trying to guess who or what "Jughead" was. Ah, the guessing game of LOST, it never gets old.

Now, I thought that these LOST posts would be shorter now that we are into only 1 hour episodes, but...I can't promise anything. It seems the 1 hour episodes bring up as much, if not more, questions than the 2 hour premiere did. Again, go figure.

Before we begin, let me remind you of my Name Legend:

Non-Islanders - The Oceanic 6 (Kate, Sayid, Jack, Sun, Aaron and Hurley), Desmond and Penny, and Ben.

Islanders - The Freighters ( Daniel Faraday, Charlotte and Miles) and Sawyer, Locke, Juliet and any other people from the plane crash who aren't dead via flaming arrow.

The Others - People from the Island before the crash, before Dharma, before anything. People OF the Island, helping the Island and working for it. Includes Richard Alpert.

The Dharma Initiative - A group of people who came to the Island after The Others, who want to experiment on the Island.

Ok, got it? Great, let's dive in!

Penny and Desmond have a baby boy and could he be cuter?! We could guess that Penny had a baby from the promos we saw, but what we didn't know was that the baby was born about 2 years ago and that...*tear*...they named him Charlie. Could I have sobbed a little more after hearing that line? No, I don't think so. I think this was a great way to honor Charlie and the sacrifice he made for his friends. *Tear*. I miss Charlie.

Something I thought about, why would Desmond even think that merely passing on a message is going to help "save" his friends on the Island? Desmond seems to think all that is required is a days work (he promises Penny, only a day...) but he has to know that to save his friends, it's going to take a lot more than one day. By the end of the day, Penny gets that too. Time to sail away, sail, sail Los Angeles. Where, incidentally, the Oceanic 6 are all converging at just the right time...

Side note: I am getting a bad feeling about Penny. Brett didn't want to hear it but...I'm thinking more and more that she isn't going to make it through the season. Desmond had his time with her, 3 years and even has a son from her. I'm thinking that's all he might get. But who knows...people have been known to call me pessimistic.

Moving on to the Islanders! The Others have a secret language! How very...mysterious of them. Too bad my spoiler-seeking determination lead me to that little bit-o-news a couple days ago, so I already knew that but...turns's just Latin. How very...practical of them. Maybe I got my geeky hopes up, thinking it would turn out to be some form of the Klingon language or whatnot, but low and's just Latin. I took it in 7th grade. Big whoop. The Others mystery is slowly fading for me...

Anyway, moving on...

Miles' gift just keeps getting cooler and cooler. I love that we are getting more of it and I hope we get to learn more about it in the future. Also good to note, Faraday didn't seem in the least surprised about the extent of Miles' gift. He seems to know that he can only hear dead people (unlike Hurley, who can see and interact with them). After hearing what Miles has to says about the 4 dead U.S. soldiers they just walked over, Faraday replied with, "Did any of them happen to mention what year it is"?

Ok, this is a biggie. Who do The Others think Faraday and friends are? This is what we know about that:

1) The Others didn't put the trip wire and landmine near the creek, as the Islanders thought. The Others believe that THEY put it there. So who did?
2) The cute, wary, blonde girl-Other (we'll go back to her again later) says to Faraday, "You just couldn't stay away, could you"? Obviously, The Others think they know who The Islanders are, but we didn't get that memo.
3) The Others recently killed several U.S. Military soldiers who wouldn't leave the Island when they were asked to politely by The Others. Apparently, this was an order that came from Jacob himself.
4) Richard says to Faraday that his people attacked them (The Others) and that his people were doing experiments and he believes that the H-Bomb, good ol' Jughead, is theirs.

Ok, so...what does all this tell us? It tells us that the Island had recently been "under attack" by the U.S. Military, who were leaving landmines and H-bombs lying around for people to trip over/set off. Didn't their mothers ever tell them not to leave their toys lying around? Apparently not. They were asked to leave peacefully by Richard but they refused and now they are pushing up daisies and having conversations with Miles. So, does anyone want to take a gander at who these military types might be? Anyone? Ok...I'll go then. How about: They are or will eventually be The Dharma Initiative. That's my guess, anyway. It all seems to add up to that, especially the whole "experiments" thing. But, the LOST writers are tricky little monsters and they could be sending me down a false trail. They're mean like that...

Speaking of Richard...what an enigma he is! Up until last night's episode, I thought that Richard must be constantly travelling through time, skipping around and that's why he seems to never age, but after hearing what Juliet had to say about him, I might have been seriously mistaken:

Juliet: Richard's always been here
John: How old is he?
Juliet: Old.

Maybe Richard just doesn't ever age. Maybe that's a gift from Jacob, from the Island, so that he can continue to work for it. That way, the Island and Jacob can always have someone they can trust. The Island cured Locke, why wouldn't it also have the power to keep Richard forever young? It's also good to note that Richard never seems to be the actual leader of The Others. He comes off as a middle-man, working for Jacob, but under Ben and now still working for Jacob, but accepting Locke as the new leader. Was there ever a time where Richard was their leader? If not, then who is leading The Others in the 50's, where the Islanders are now? He told Locke that they had a very specific process for choosing their leaders...what, pray tell, is this process and was Richard ever apart of it himself? Something to ponder on...

Ok, back to Desmond. We now know that Charles Widmore was financing Faraday's research years before he sent him on the boat to find the Island, probably because he thought Faraday could help him find the Island. We know that Daniel experimented on a girl and that same girl, years later, is comatose and seems to be moving throughout time, much like Desmond did in The Constant episode of Season 4. But her sister's accusation doesn't seem right to me. Would Daniel really ruin a girl's life and then just walk away? Unlikely. What's more likely is that he went to the States to find a cure and even perhaps went to the Island in order to find a way to help her. We still don't know who she was to Faraday, a lover maybe or perhaps just a lab assistant (Fringe, anyone?). Also, who does the man in Faraday's lab think Desmond is? Who are "his mates" supposed to be? I would guess that Widmore had people poking around, but why would he do that if he already knew all about Faraday's work and where he was? It's more likely that it might be Ben's people poking around...I guess only time will tell.

Ok, back to The Islanders. Last night gave us one of the cutest lines ever:

"Because I'm in love with the woman sitting next to me". Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I know now that my huge crush on Daniel Faraday is TOTALLY justified. What a sweetheart. But we already knew this, that Faraday had feelings for Charlotte. We just didn't know the extent of them. As for her, it's hard to tell how she feels about him, but if I had to guess, which I do, obviously...I'd say she returns his feelings. Again, only time will tell.

As promised, a quick side path to our "cute, wary, blonde girl-Other". If we were given a name, I missed it, sorry. Anyhow, she's very intriguing, no? I'm getting the feeling she's someone that's going to be important, perhaps to Widmore, but we'll see.

And the biggest, most surprising turn of events yet:

The annoying, arrogant and temperamental young Other (walking around with a uniform that says "Jones", no less...damn writers!) is in fact an annoying, arrogant and temperamental young Charles Widmore. Give me a moment to express my emotions: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm good and moving on to my list of HOLY CRAP questions:

1) What is Widmore doing on the Island?
2) How did he become an Other?
3) Has he always BEEN an Other? Was he born on the Island?
4) What caused him to leave the Island?
5) Who is Penny's mother?!?! Was Penny born on the Island?
6) How did Ben "take everything" from Widmore, when Ben won't arrive on the Island for another 20 years or so?

Some thoughts that aren't raging questions:

1) It's funny how close young Widmore is to Faraday, a man who will eventually help lead him back to the Island. It's funny how he would kill him, give the chance.
2) It's funny how close Locke was to shooting young Widmore. How would that have changed the future?
3) It's VERY funny how young Widmore underestimated Locke. It's also good to note here the pride and arrogance young Widmore has pertaining to his knowledge of the Island. How to him, it's completely impossible that Locke, an outsider, could know more about the Island than he did. We are already being shown why he might, years in the future, go to such drastic lengths to get back there.

Whew, that's a lot to take in, huh? In the interest of keeping our heads from going "KA-BOOM", let's call it day. If I missed anything or if you have any better theories or even answers to my millions of questions, leave a comment and we can discuss.

Until next week, LOST lovers!


Matt Duke said...

The "cute, wary, blonde girl-Other" was called Elle multiple times in the episode. Two theories are: 1)This is Danielle Rousseau, but this girl is blonde unlike Rousseau and Rousseau claimed of being stuck there herself.
2)This is Eloise Hawking (Daniel's Mother, hence why he keeps saying that she looks so familiar)and she is an Other just like Widmore.

Bufyluver said...

Humm....I don't think it's Rousseau. Why would she be helping the Others? They stole her baby...I think it's too early for her to be there anyway. I can get on board with Eloise Hawking, though. That's a sound theory. And SO sorry I missed the name. :P Haha.


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