Monday, September 21, 2009

NPH Is a God

As everyone else here in Georgia searches their cluttered and spider-infested garages for their inflatable baby-pools and large floaties in order to paddle their way to work this morning, I've decided to report on a more significant event that occurred last night (no, not football - it's like you don't know me at all!), seeing as I made it safely to work without being swept away by the Great Flood.

The event I am referring to is of course the Emmys, hosted by the one and only, Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris. As predicted by yours truly, NPH caused an otherwise dull and lifeless ceremony to sparkle and shine like a newly polished golden statuette of some chick holding a globe-like object (what is that thing anyway?). Despite the fact that everyone from last year won again this year, causing me to distinctly dislike 30 Rock and Mad Men, just on principle alone, we still had Neil. And he's worth tens of thousands of disappointing Emmy wins. His opening number was almost, almost worth the snub that the Emmys gave Battlestar Galactica. And in an unexpected and thrilling turn of events, we even got a bad-ass Dr. Horrible "interruption" of the show, which upon Captain Hammer (my dear Nathan Fillion) jumping into the frame, fists flying as usual, brought about far-too-loud squees! from Katie and I. I fear we might have woken the neighbors with our vociferous love of everything Dr. Horrible. I wanted to jump into the television and pridefully clap Jon Stewart on the back when he finally told Neil what everyone else was thinking: that he was doing a damn good job of hosting.


On the Red Carpet - Everyone How I Met Your Mother. I couldn't adore Jason Segal anymore than I already do and seeing Alyson Hannigan up and about after having her and Alexis' baby girl was a great treat. She looked absolutely stunning. I also enjoyed reading her tweets as the night went on.

Also, Best Dress goes to Anna Torv, who rocked a gorgeous and totally unique gown for the night. We loved it mostly because it wasn't like any other actress' dress (it wasn't that silly mermaid cut and it actually had sleeves!) and besides, she looks smokin' in that red.

Dr. Horrible's hijacking. By far the very best part of the night. I was so bummed about not getting the once hinted-at performance by the cast... but this stunt completely made up for it. Joss+NPH+Nathan Fillion = comedy and musical gold. Throwing in anything Dr. Horrible to any show on television can only make it ten times better - but that goes double for an awards show. I tip my hat to you, Emmy planning people.

NPH's opening number. Exactly what I expected; total brilliance. I honestly believe this man can do no wrong. It's like all the love and happiness and talent in the world converged into one fine-looking human male and now we have Neil Patrick Harris to lighten up our dull work hours with a certain lovable evil doctor and to spice up our otherwise dull award show Sunday with enthusiastic song and dance.

I love that Michael Emerson won for Best Supporting Role for Lost and that Kristin Chenoweth won for Best Supporting Role for Pushing Daisies. It was such a great honor for the show, which was cancelled way before its time.

So, did you like the ceremony? Did NPH deliver, in your opinion? Don't worry, I'll probably not hunt you down and hurt you horribly if you say "no"...

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