Friday, September 25, 2009

Supernatural & The Vampire Diaries

Hello Evil, it's me Lauren.

One quick question, if you have the time to spare. I know your schedule is pretty busy on Thursday nights, so you're probably sleeping in right now but if I could just have a second of your time...

Evil, why do you get all the crazy awesome people? Honestly. Why does Good get all the boring, brooding tool-belts and you get all the delightfully stirring, wickedly amusing recruits? I know Lucifer is bad and all, but when you put him in that totally yummy Mark Pellegrino suit, I just can't help but be tempted to the Dark Side. That's not to say I don't still swoon over my two favorite demon-hunters and their trusty angel sidekick - there is Much Ado About Swooning during the 9 o'clock hour on Thursday nights - but even our good guys are now walking the thin(ning) line between Good and Evil. Watching them slap around a bunch of oafish angels is almost more fun than watching them kick demon butt up and down the US of A for four years. As for Good, if Stefan was any more of an sulking, brooding, Angel wannabe, Paul Wesley will have to start referring to himself as Boreanaz, David. His whole "I Want to Drink Your Blood But I Don't Want to Hurt You Because I'm Like a Cuddly Vampire Puppy Dog" conflict is so very obvious and so "been there, seen that a million times already". But Damon, though he too reflects a certain bleach-blonde Buffy alum, has such deliciously complex potential - with just the right amount of evil BA-ness and charming playfulness - there's just no contest between the two. Sure, Damon enjoys to eat people every now and then and as someone who considers herself pretty Pro-Good, I shouldn't really be into that, but at least he's got some charisma, some depth to him. And what about Sam? I'm already dreaming of the good old days when Sam would celebrate a hard day's work of demon smack-down with his own version of demon smacking, nay, snacking down. You catch my drift? With the topsey-turvy world of Sam and Dean forcing them now to fight against the forces of good, therefore knocking them out of that category altogether (capturing an Arch Angel? Really Dean? That is sooooo bad), I'm thinking your side, Evil, is looking pretty good right about now.

So, when's your next meet and greet? And if I swear to join your side, do you think you could introduce me to Ian Somerhalder?

Best Wish With All Your Evil Endeavors,

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