Friday, October 24, 2008

Eli Stone

All right. So. Eli Stone has premiered already this season, so I'm a little late in dedicating a post to the fun-lovin-and-dancing extravaganza that is this show. And as you know, all fun-lovin-and-dancing extravaganza shows should be recognized and honored. So. Below are your VotDs. The first video is from the first season, when Eli was just recognizing his gift and obviously hasn't learned how to deal with it yet. I mean seriously, you have to be a completely humorless person to not laugh at this scene. Johnny Lee is hilarious. It's one of my favorites.

This second video is from second season (going on now), when we are first introduced to Katie Holmes character. Now, as my friend Brett will tell you since I ranted non-stop about it while we were watching the show, I really did NOT want to like Katie Holmes' character, since I am not a very big fan of Katie. I certainly can say that I do NOT like her voice very much, but her character ended up being kinda sweet, so I warmed to her a little as the episode progressed. I still don't like her singing though and I'm sticking to my guns about that one! See for yourself.

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