Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thoughts on Heroes

Whew! You know, I think no matter how far this show strays from a linear and clear storyline, I am still going to be entranced by it. It has its flaws and I am non-stop frustrated and confused while watching this amazing hour of television, but it's just that; amazing. I can't sit back on my couch, I have to lean forward, as if I am trying to strain closer and closer to solving the mystery of these characters and the events surrounding each and every one of them. I can't pick up the phone, I can't get up for ice cream, I can't look away from the screen. What the f**k is going on?! Who's behind all this craziness? What's happening to my favorite characters? Why am I just LOVING Sylar right now?

Ok so, the show runners have at least learned something from the problematic and over-the-top confusing and dare I say *crappy* second season. They have learned to give us some answers every once and awhile instead of keeping us perturbed and discouraged throughout a whole season. Last night they finally showed us who is behind all the villainous events for this season (well, maybe, who knows about other players we haven't been shown yet). I won't say who, since I don't want to spoil anyone, but you'll know who I mean when you watch the episode. So, with that puzzle out of the way it now seems to be more about what our other villains and heroes will do. Which side will they take? Who will they team up with? Who exactly are the bad guys and who are the good guys? This is the QUESTION! As the previews say, the line between good and evil is getting blurred. And badly. This is the starting line of my frustration and anxiety. That question. "Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?"

We are usually drawn to the good guys, that's a given. Sometimes though, we are intrigued and excited by certain bad guys also. So what happens when a bad guy that you just can't help but love to hate (this brings back memories and comparisons of Spike, from Buffy) sudden seems to be leaning toward the good side? Ah, Sylar, you are creepy but oh so intensely intriguing. I love this guy, like LOVE. Forgetting even that Zachary Quinto is flawless in this role, Sylar is a beautifully written character. Even when he was all bad, with not even a shred of lightness in him, he still took over every scene whenever he was in the frame. Your eyes couldn't help be drawn to him, sitting there with his creepy watch and creepy hat and dark, empty eyes. He was just so EVIL. Now though, he is even more fascinating, even more absorbing as he tries his best not to be a monster. Sudden, HRG (Clarie's father) is looking less and less fatherly, less and less a good guy, while Sylar seems wise and courageous and...good.

Everyone is changing. The Heroes world has gone topsy-turvy. The bad are turning good. And the good are turning bad. This change in my Heroes television world can be at times a good thing, as with Sylar, but I am seeing alot of bad in this change also. It's not always a good idea for a show to establish the Heroes and the Villains, allowing you to connect and become attached to certain Heroes, and then sudden, without much rhyme or reason, turn all the Heroes that you love into Villains.

Let's take Peter, my worst and biggest example of the troubles that can arise from turning your characters inside out. Unlike Mohinder, Nathan and Hiro (I'll get to him later), Peter DOES actually have a reason for his strange and villainous behavior. Future Peter is dead, but it seems that all his workings were for nothing and Present Peter was not stopped from taking Future Sylar's abilities and therefore changed into a potential Villain. Ah, what a mess! This is painful for me, the viewer, to watch as one of my favorite and most loving Heroes is turned into a monster, a bad guy. I know many people saw Hiro as the heart and soul of the Heroes, but to me, Peter played that role. Hiro, though undeniably good, was naive and at times, unwise and hasty in his actions. Peter made mistakes, but he was always moving forward, always searching to help, always kind and loving, even to the people that didn't deserve it. And now...now he needs to kill, needs to take instead of give, full of anger and madness instead of love and caring. To me, his was the worst possible loss to the side of good.

And now also, it seems that Hiro may even be going down that road. Again, so as not to spoil anything, why did he do that?!!!! Ok, there is most likely a reason behind his *BIG* action. Maybe even a really good plan. But what if there isn't?? And also, if there isn't, then it may give cause to the little scene between himself and Ando that he saw when he flitted to the future a couple episodes ago. I mean, that kind of reaction on Ando's part certainly makes sense to me. What's happening to our Heroes? Why is Hiro suddenly on board with hanging with the Villains? Forget all the behind the scenes bullshit that we finally know more about, what's going to happen to Mohinder? Why is he going to hurt Nathan in the next episode? Why is he so BAD right now? I mean, just because you're becoming a icky reptile demon-like creature, doesn't mean you have to be all MEAN. Seriously. And Nathan, what's in his future? I mean besides lots of sex with Ali Larter, being president and possibly being murdered by his own brother. He now knows that God has nothing to do with his abilities, so that path is closed to him but what will he do now? Everyone seems to be wanting to get rid of their abilities, but that wish seems to be bringing only more trouble and pain. If you don't want to be a monster and use your ability for evil, then...just use it for GOOD! Tracy or Nikki or whoever you are...go freeze a freaking BAD GUY!! Stop whining that you killed an annoying reporter and go make amends for it! Seeking Mohinder and trying to get rid of your powers is only going to lead to badness, I'll tell you right now. Or, if you're just plain lazy, stay at home and have lots of sex with Nathan, cause that man is super fine. Have him fly you up into the clouds for fun, yet probably chilly, cloud sex. I wouldn't say no to that.

Anyway, I digress again. A couple other thoughts before I let you go: Happy to see Adam again. He's a great character, always causing strife and fun and interesting scenarios with the other characters. Plus, he's super cute. Angela Petrelli, seeming to be trying to help, but only making things worse for herself and for others. I don't think things are going to end well for her. *Shrug*. Claire, she is becoming even more annoying than Meredith on Grey's Anatomy. She is causing trouble and her seeking out Villains is just going to lead to more of it. Not to mention, it's clear she is seeing a change in her father, HRG. It's possible that his betrayal is what leads her to bad hair and Villains in the future. I don't even want to think about what will happen if she runs into Peter somehow. That will be the straw that causes her world of good and light to finally crumble. And Parkman and Speedster, can't WAIT for that meeting.

Ok, I have rambled too long and must return to work. Please, tell me your thoughts on Heroes.


kiwi said...

aw, I actually felt really bad for Claire! And the vortex guy. I'm so mad at HRG for using her & the vortex guy. I also cannot believe Hiro. There must be a reason I keep telling myself. But then like you I wonder, what if there isn't? I will be so mad if they try to turn him into some kind of bad guy. I will stop watching. I also feel bad for Peter...drugged up in a cell by his mother. I think she is evil. I wish he had never taken Sylar's ability! And yuck to Mohinder. Yuck. He grosses me out!

I wonder if Mr. Petrelli is recruiting only hero/villains with the synthetic abilities? Maybe the end of the world is a natural hero vs. synthetic hero war or something...

Bufyluver said...

Oh, well now, that's a very interesting thought! I didnt think of that. Good call. Maybe. I guess we will see. I hope we find out more about Mr. Petrelli. He's seems to be taking Sylars place as the most CREEPIEST!


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