Monday, October 13, 2008

State Fair

So I headed down to Perry, Georgia this weekend with my two BFFs, Tina and Katie, to spend some time just lying around being lazy and to catch some crazy-fun time at the State Fair. Once we arrived, late Thursday night, we caught up on all the True Blood episodes that were recorded on my parent's DVR and boy howdy with that show, I gotta say. Sex, blood, violence, crazy pointed-teeth vampires and sexy pointed-teeth vampires; it was a hoot and a half. Stephen Moyer was definitely sexier than I first thought and he had such great on-screen presence that I was always holding my breath while I waited for him to suddenly appear again on-screen. He had a very believable old southern accent that made up for everyone else's crappy accents on the show. Anyway, we really enjoyed it. It was cheesy, that's just not something you can miss, but it's a good, fun cheesy, which is something we can work with.

My two BFFs and I were soon joined by four other friends by Friday afternoon: Elliott, Charles, Corrie and Ryan. Once everyone was settled in on Friday night, we proceeded to go through bottles of Capt Morgan, red wine, Land Shark (for Charles) and various bottles of vodka. It was only when most of us where happily tipsy that I decided that I had waited long enough; it was Rock Band time! I would brook no argument and as I stood there with my guitar belt slug over my shoulder, jittering with enthusiastic excitement and waiting for the boys to set it up, I suddenly realized that I had been standing there waiting for an awful long time. I wrenched myself out my rock star daydream to find Charles and Elliott looking around like dumbos and as I looked into their guilt-ridden faces, I realized the awful truth; even with all the equipment (the microphones, the guitars, the drums), I would not be able to play the guitar that night since the actual game had not been packed. The next couple hours were spent calling every available video rental place and search high and low in the local Wal-Mart, all to no avail. It seemed that my night was ruined. But I put on a happy face and tried to enjoy the company of my friends...all the while dreaming about being a rock star.

The next day and night was spent lying around, recovering from the previous night's festivities and spending some time with my folks, who had only arrived home that afternoon. After having some tasty BBQ for lunch, we headed to the fair a little later that evening. We rode the ferris wheel, all the while praying the highly unstable metal parts wouldn't rust out from beneath us and cause us to plunge to our deaths below, we walked around the arts and crafts exhibits wish we could eat all the prize winning cakes, ate disgustingly fattening food (I'm not allowed to eat for the rest of the week) and then headed home smelling like animal poop, smoke and carnies. All in all, it was a good weekend. Check out some pics below and have a great Monday!

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