Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Heroes 12/1

All right! Shall we get down to biznas (that's "business" for you non-cool people). Let's jump right in!

I know there are a lot of people that have become disenchanted with this show. I understand, really I do. Last season was really crappy compared to first season and though this season has been infinitely better than last season, it's still not up to par with the first season. It's almost as if the writers used up all their awesomeness on first season scripts and now they have run out of fuel. Seriously, they should have classes for TV writers on how to ration awesomeness. Still, when I commit to a show with this much potential it takes a lot more than a few shallow, unneeded characters, a little loss of story integrity, and some far-fetched (and that's saying a lot for a show like Heroes, right?) plot-twists to throw me off the bandwagon. Despite all its flaws and without fail, every Monday night has me on the edge of my couch, biting my nails and screaming curses and shocked exclamations at the television set. Once the 9 o'clock hour rolls around I'm instantly immersed in a thrilling, frustrating, sexy and intense story and judge all you want but you can't deny the pull of this show, even at it's worst moments. I feel like the show has been getting steadily better throughout this season, with the last two episodes being two of the best I've seen thus far...but I'm obviously a bit biased, no? I suppose you can't really take my word for it, but you could...if you were super smart. Anyhow, let's talk about last night's high points!

So, I would characterize myself as a man lover, wouldn't you? You certainly would if you've read any of my Smallville or Supernatural posts. I enjoy staring and drooling over a nice manly face and body as much as the next fine lady, but let's all agree...Kristen Bell has some nice stems, yes? I can see why she is so appealing to Sylar...and all the men of our world too, obviously. She ran around with naught on her petite frame but a big t-shirt the whole episode and I can't say I didn't appreciate the view. However, the jealous part of me couldn't help but feel slightly vindicated when taking in her bloody condition. Ha! That's what you get for having such nice legs! You get shot. That's right, sister! Not to mention, you hang with Sylar and you're bound to get either mostly or completely dead (we'll come back to that) sooner or later.

Anyhow, the development of the Sylar/Elle romance just tickles me and I love every scene with them. Kristen Bell's and Zachary Quinto's real life friendship really translates to the screen and you can't help but feel their chemistry. As I said in a previous post, the two actors are gold together, therefore the characters are gold together. And that's how you find me comatose as the 10 o'clock hour approached on Monday night. The whole coma thing didn't last but a minute and as Hiro teleports Claire to the past (more on that later) I barely noticed since I am now screaming something along the lines of "WHAT THE F**K?". Seriously, that did not just happen! Sylar did not just revert back to creepy, evil Sylar and finger-flick a bloody line across Elle's forehead! Wasn't it only a couple scenes ago that Sylar sacrificed himself to HRG so that Elle could get away? He got his throat slit for Heaven's sake! Honestly, what happened in the 5-10 minutes between besieging the Bennet's and Hiro transporting him to some beach getaway that he suddenly felt the need to chop people's tops off again? Was it the fear of being betrayed by Elle and his maybe/maybe not Petrelli parental units? That's honestly the only explanation that I can think of and I suppose it's something to be concerned about, but not a good enough reason to kill your new, nice-legged psychotic lover (and potential baby momma! There goes that theory, right down the drain!). Still, I'm holding on to hope that its all a big farce and Elle's not really dead. We didn't really see her die and it's rare indeed when anyone permanently dies on this show so I think it's a rational hope. But I can't help but feel betrayed by the Heroes writing team. The tantalizing taste of good-Sylar was like a drug you just can't take away from us! What a tease! How horrible of you to offer us Sylar's redemption and then snatch it away in a moment of lunacy! I'm shocked, really! Anyway, moving on...

How much did you love Sam and Frack, the comic book guys? I, of course, have loved Seth Green since his Buffy days so it's always a pleasure to see him on TV but this was one of his cooler characters, by far. I for one would love to see more of them, not just because I love the actors but because introducing their characters to help Hiro solve his problem by reading comics is the epitome of Nerd Central, one of my many dwelling places. That storyline may seem ridiculous to some but I thought it was brilliant. I'll have some more please, massster.

There is tons more to talk about but I think I used up all my writing energy on Sylar and Elle. I guess I should attend that course on rationing awesomeness too, huh? Let's hit a couple more points and then call it day. Sound good?

Point 1: It's a bird! It's a plane! No...wait. Oh, never mind. It's just Nathan Petrelli flying away from his goodhearted and loving brother and into the arms of his evil, immoral father and should-be-killed-off-soon lover, Tracy (Ali Larter). I mean, would it really have been that hard for Peter to again stress that he's been to the future, he's seen what Nathan becomes and it's just a BAD idea to continue down that path? And SERIOUSLY, has Nathan not learned his lesson yet? Stop flying your sexy self to the bad-side and stick with Peter! He knows his shit! Jeez!

Point 2: I heart Matt Parkman, I really do but I'm getting a little tired of the whole Daphne thing. I am not feeling one ounce of sympathy for her character which tells me I don't really care about this storyline anymore. She's whiny and untrustworthy and I think Matt could do a lot better.

Point 3: I'm totally digging the Hiro/Claire time-travel development. It seems like a pretty good idea to me and it might lead to some mending of the Clarie/HRG relationship. Not that I believe he deserves forgiveness for being a bad father but his intentions are always good and it would be nice to feel like we can trust him again now that Sylar has gone all sexy devil again. I can't believe that they are really trying to set up another role reversal so soon after changing things around on us at the beginning of the season. It's a Topsy-turvy world, I tell ya!

And that's about it, folks. Comments, questions, rude accusations? That's what the comments section is for. Have at it!

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