Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heroes 12/8

It's that time of the week again. Yup, you guessed it: Heroes discussion time. But since my Heroes blogger buddy (coughcorriecough) is so very behind on the episodes (work has been crazy, so it's totally understandable) I have less reason to spend a lot of time discussing the Heroes happenings. So I'll make this week's ramblings short and sweet...and with lots of pictures cause you know how much I just love pictures.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

What we know, via last night's episode:

1) Hiro and Claire together make for some seriously funny entertainment. It's funny to think that most of the characters in this show have met, fought, loved, flown together at some point in time but that Hiro and Claire have never actually met before. I feel like they must be the only two main characters introduced to us that haven't had some kind of interaction in previous episodes. Anyway, we have been seriously deprived because they are very interesting together.

2) We now know about Hiro's mother. Or maybe we already knew...and I just forgot. This show can get kinda complicated, if you haven't already noticed. Either way, Hiro's mother is a healer, which explains why Hiro needed to go back in time; he needed his mother to fix his memory. Funny, how his mother ended up with the same ability that Linderman had and how Linderman healed Angela Petrelli's memories, giving her the ability and reason to kill her husband before he killed her son, Nathan. Ok, are you picking up on the complicated yet? Anyway, I find it sad and also predictable that Hiro promised his mom with such heartbreaking determination that he would keep the catalyst safe and then mere minutes later he lets Arther Petrelli take not only the catalyst, but his powers also (leaving him stranded 16 years in the past). His papa is gonna be SOOOOOO angry with him and that's an understatement.

As an added hysterical note, why is that none of the these time-traveling characters (Peter, Hiro, etc) have learned that tampering with the past ONLY causes more problems and never solves anything?!!?!?!! It's almost as if they have to give up all their common sense in order to have these extraordinary abilities. Is it really worth the cost? Jeez.

3) By far the worst confirmed revelation, Sylar did kill Elle dead, very dead and all dead. Not only that, but he sat there and BURNED her body!! Poor Kristen Bell. I will forever mourn the potentially ass-kicking relationship we could have watched unfold over numerous seasons. So, does this mean that the future Peter saw, the future with Sylar and his son Noah, is no more? Or does Sylar again use his strangely attractive psycho-killer appeal to seduce some other poor gal into bed? Claire perhaps? Yes, I know it's an insane theory, but come on, who wouldda thought Sylar and Elle would have happened, especially after Sylar killed her father. It seems that anything is possible in our Heroes world and I'm betting my less than considerable pile o' cash on a future Sylar/Claire baby-making scene. I mean, why else would the boy be named Noah? So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

4) Creepy killer Sylar makes me laugh. Best line/scene thus far in Heroes (and your QotD):

Co-workers burst into office with presents.
"Happy BIRTHDAY!", they all merrily shout.
Sylar gets up off the floor, murdered girl at his feet, blood and brain matter dripping off his hands, looking very creepy...
Sylar: Cake?
Sylar gives an excited smile.

Best scene EVER!

5) Nathan Petrelli is officially on-board with his father's evil plan. And that SUCKS! But I guess it causes more drama to have one brother on one side the other on the opposite side. Seriously though, if they have to have a showdown (which I'm sure they will) I'm gonna be pissed if either die.

6) It's interesting seeing Matt, Daphne and Ando working together, but I miss the comic book guys. It's so sad to experience great characters and then have them leave so soon. Either way, I guess their mission to find the unpublished last comic will lead Ando to getting the power that he might eventually kill Hiro with (seen in an earlier episode). I love when future events start to get explained in present situations. It helps with the tearing-out-your-hair frustrating and confusing storylines.

7) HRG can be trusting of a stranger. Who knew? Is it just because the stranger seems oddly familiar to him? Is it because of her use of "Claire-Bear" that softens his heart just a smidge, enough for him to ignore a very important and life-changing phone call? Whatever it is about the cute blonde stranger, I'm loving the new dynamic between them. I'll have some more, please.

8) So, with Arthur Petrelli sucking up the catalyst, the formula is now complete. And introducing...drum roll please...the All American Super Solider. He can break you in half with his pinky, but ain't he just the cutest thing?

9) And...thank you Sylar! Not only are you eerily sexy, but you can certainly come in handy when there's killing that needs to be done. Now Peter can have a semi-clear conscious and we still get the kill we have been rooting for all season: Arthur Petrelli. Shot in the head and dead dead dead. Though as Peter speaks over his dead father: "It's over"...you get the feeling it is so very far from over.

That's all for today folks. In my opinion, this show is steadily getting better and if Brian Fuller, fresh from the cancelled Pushing Daisies, comes back it's bound to get even better.

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