Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Ramblings

Sorry for my recent absence, friendly bloggers and/or readers of blogs. Trust me, you haven't been missing much anyway. My weekend pretty much consisted of me, my couch, and hours upon hours of Pride and Prejudice. No, I'm not talking about the fairly new and beyond awesome film starring Keira Knightley. I'm talking about the fairly old and beyond awesome 1995 BBC mini-series starring the dreamy-eyed Colin Firth . That's right folks. I'm talking 6 hours of Colin Firth practicing intense, lovelorn staring, high verses low society haggling, eloquent speeches, repressed sexual tension and the worst attire imaginable. I'm talking absolute heaven, folks.

You know what it is, right boys? The thing we gals love about Mr. Darcy? Well, there are a thousand things really...but it's the stare. It's the looks he gives her. The way he looks at her as he slowly realizes his feelings. Slowly, because let's face it, you guys are plain stupid. Jane Austen knew it then and we know it now. Gorgeous, intense, can't-live-without, stupid. Just thought you should know.

In that same vein, the gorgeous, intense, can't-live-without, stupid vein, I saw Australia this weekend. I know this film hasn't gotten the absolute best reviews and I think that has a lot to do with too high expectations and too much hype. Despite the reviews, I was determined to see the film. At the very least, because of the scenery...and by scenery I mean Hugh Jackman (though the cinematography and real scenery were brilliantly beautiful). It was far from a poor decision, I'll tell you that. I really enjoyed this film. I'm not going to do a full-out review since I don't know enough about the production, crew and back-story on this film but I will touch on a couple things.

As I said above, the cinematography was beautiful, but you pretty much walk into the theater knowing that, if just from watching the trailers. Plus, you can expect no less from Baz Luhrmann. Moulin Rouge! is one of my all time favorite films and don't even get me started on Romeo + Juliet and even Strickly Ballroom. If you haven't seen any of these films, leave work or your bed or wherever you are right now and go rent them and a magnificent movie day. They are all worth it, I give my amateur film critic word. Anyhow, I expected an equally brilliant film when I spent $10 on my Australia ticket and though it wasn't up to Baz's usual par, it was still a great film. As other reviews stated, it does lag a bit in the middle but if you can be entertained by a beautiful, rugged (or soft and refined) face (like I can), then it's all gravy. Seriously though, Hugh Jackman is a MAIN point here. If you love him now, your heart will explode as you watch him in this film. Seriously...Brett and I DIED while we watched this film. Our hearts just...exploded. We couldn't live one more day knowing something as perfect as Hugh Jackman is walking around in this world and we can't be staring at him 24 hours a day...on horseback, shirtless, sweaty. You know what? It hurts my heart just to think of it. So we'll move on. Needless to say...girls: go see this film for the Hugh Jackman and the love story...boys: go see this film for the John Wayne-like and Saving Private Ryan-like adventure...or for Nicole Kidman...if you're into that ice queen thing.

For some other entertainment news, Chris Weitz is officially the director for New Moon. I think I'm ok with this. A new director might help the franchise and it certainly worked for Harry Potter. Plus, I'm a semi-fan of Weitz's. I've enjoyed all his previous works and he seems pretty into the books and getting the fans what they want. Sounds like a good recipe for success to me. Still, I won't be getting my hopes up like I did with Twilight. Hoping just sets you up for disappointment. And...that's my depressing wisdom for today. I hope you profit in some way by it and aren't curled up in the fetal position because of how utterly depressing that statement was. Moving on...

Alright, that's all the entertainment gossip for today, kiddies. I hope everyone is getting along well with their holiday shopping and present wrapping. Posts will be on the fritz next week since I won't be in the front of the computer 9 hours of everyday, but I will still do my best to keep ya'll entertained as much as possible. Cause I'm so entertaining right?..... Right?
Yeah, right.

And for your QotD:

Sarah Ashley: Just because it is, doesn't mean it should be.
- Australia

Edit: On another Hugh Jackman note, check out the new trailer for Wolverine. This movie could totally rock...or it could totally suck. But honestly, does it really matter with that handsome mug helming the effort? I think not. Enjoy the rippling biceps of Mr. Jackman, Gambit's killer deck (and looks), and Liev's hot feline teeth below.


Shanna said...


Great blog we seem to share the same likes. I love P&P. I have to watch the 1995 version at least once a month to get my Darcy fix. It is all about the stare. The only phrase that can describe it is OMG! I love Colin Firth in general and own most of his films. I was also able to see Australia. I agree it was good, but a little slow. What made the movie worth the almost 3 hrs was the scene where Hugh Jackman is all hot and sweaty and he dumps the bucket of water on his head. The camera slowly pans down his chest. That was swoon worthy. I can't wait to watch him host the Oscars.

Bufyluver said...

I couldn't have sait it better myself! Hugh and Colin are yummy, no denying it. :)

kiwi said...

I found this on another blog I read...Austenbook. It's pretty hilarious and made me think of you.


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