Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Moon Update

Folks, this is what you call a "clusterf**k". It was bad enough that Summit rehired the screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, whose screenplay, in my opinion, was the core of all Twilight's major problems but now Catherine Hardwicke has walked away (or been asked to walk away) from directing the sequel. If that situation isn't bad enough to spell disaster, Summit is still searching for a new director, which is cutting into pre-production time, AND they have confirmed at $50 million budget for a film that needs at least double that. We're talking about location shooting, major stunts and believable (or at least pretty) werewolves. $50 mil ain't gonna cut it, Summit. To add to all that badness, Summit is also considering re-casting Jacob Black. I know Taylor Lautner is a little small and cutesey for New Moon and Eclipse Jacob, but that's the brilliance of make-up, gym time and special effects. Taylor played a GREAT Jacob and I will ninja apart anyone who says otherwise.

So, in conclusion...we seem to be pretty much screwed. If this film turns out even half as good as Twilight (and that's saying a lot since Twilight wasn't that good) then I'll be pleasantly surprised. Thanks for HGE for the story.

Follow this to EW's story.

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