Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Video of the Day

I know. No, I really do. It's Tuesday, right? The day after Monday. The morning following Heroes night. There should be shock, screaming, shaking fists at the sky, righteous opinions and above all, Seth Green homage. But there's none of that. At least not today. But there will be tomorrow. I've decided to wait another day to discuss this week's Heroes until everyone has had a chance to catch up, in case they missed it last night (coughcorriecough).

So, until tomorrow you will just have to quench your television thirst with another Supernatural video. Why, you ask? What's your deal with Supernatural, you wonder? Why do we have to watch another Supernatural video? Because, it's my blog and I said so. Also, because it's my birthday week and I can therefore do anything I want. I could even break the law, if I felt so inclined. But I'm a good little girl, so I would never do anything that exciting. I just live vicariously through the demon-killing Winchester brothers...or didn't you know that already? Anyway, check out Winchester and Sons, Demon Hunters below, for your VotD. Did I mention you get some J.D.M. face time too? Talk about like hot father, like totally hot sons.

Also, follow this link to an interview with Catherine Hardwicke about her thoughts on the New Moon film. Let's just hope the studio settles on a bigger budget for this film and also that Melissa Rosenberg, the screenplay writer for Twilight and now New Moon, learns from her mistakes on Twilight and makes the necessary improvements for New Moon. Otherwise we may end up with another slow, choppy and poorly developed screenplay. I hate to be blunt, but it's true and if we want a better second film, there are some MAJOR changes that need to happen to the script.

Tune in tomorrow for my weekly Heroes discussion. There's so much to talk about, I might just have a heart attack before I get to it!

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