Wednesday, September 10, 2008

At a Loss for Quotes

So I am sitting here at work, trying to figure out your QotD but nothing's really coming to me. Then I look to my bookshelf and see the two X-Files companion books that I picked up somewhere around the office. I haven't even cracked either book, but since they were free and I used to watch The X-Files religiously, I thought they would look good on my shelf and as it happens, save me from another quoteless day (I missed yesterday, sorry!). So, something new but actually old, something that never goes away but actually did, something creepy and perfect, at least until the 7th season or so...THE X-FILES, Quote Edition! As always, shiny pictures included.

*Note to quotes readers: I have no idea what episodes these quotes come from. They were just in the pretty color pictures section of the book, which of course is the only section I look at. *Sheepish grin*

*Another note to readers: This spontaneous X-Files post has NOTHING to do with the recent X-Files film. I saw it. It was boring and it didn't even have aliens or even anything supernatural really. It was disappointing, sorry Chris Carter.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'd be checking my shorts for cake." - Mulder

"Scully, Skinner's calling me from a bubble bath." - Mulder
"Wow. He's really gone Hollywood, huh?" - Scully
"Totally" - Mulder

"Is that your flashlight, Mulder, or are you just happy to be lying on top on me?" - Leoni/Scully

"These particular serpents actually were serving evil? Are you gonna type that on our travel request?" - Scully

PS note: Does anyone REALLY care that David Duchovny has a sex addiction? I mean, isn't there something WORSE that he could be addicted to? Like drugs or killing people or carnies? Besides, I feel like this sudden shedding of light into his sex life can only help Californication's ratings. Or maybe he is just one of those silly method actors...

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