Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, deciding to keep in the same vein with the sexually tense crime-fighting partners (see below blog), your theme and QotD will be...Bones. Also, it's a good show to bring up since it has just premiered it's first two episodes of it's fourth season. Way to go, Bones! David Borenanz is one of the few original Buffy cast members to actually make a name for themselves after the Buffy years. I'm like a proud mother, really. Enjoy these spunky and comical quotes from Bones season 1.

Brennan: Now you’re a mind reader?
Booth: Maybe. You want me to guess your weight?
Brennan: You do and you could loose a tooth.

Brennan: (imitating) “Listen, cowboy. Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”
Booth: What was that? The Duke? That was horrible. That was like, Jerry Lewis.
Brennan: Was not.

Booth: So, is it him?
Brennan: It’s him. But here’s the kickster…
Booth: Kicker Bones. Here’s the kicker.
Brennan: Oh.

Booth: Voodoo.. [laughs] Who’s gonna believe that stuff?
Brennan: It’s a religion, no crazier than, well, what are you?
Booth: Catholic.
Brennan: They believe in the same saints you do. And prayer. What they call spells, you call miracles. They have priests.
Booth: We don’t make zombies.
Brennan: Jesus rose from the dead after three days.
Booth: Jesus is not a zombie! I shouldn’t even have to tell you that.

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