Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh, More Unexpected Excitment!!

Oh, how I love thee, Michael Ausiello, Bringer of Exciting Entertainment News! As I browsed the EW videos of the Emmys last night, I ran across a quick interview with David Boreanaz and what a crazy random happenstance, got the exciting news that Jason Behr, of Roswellian fame, was recently cast as Agent's Booth's brother on Bones for this season! Oh happy day! Jason playing a role in something that is so far above the poop that he has been playing in recently; aka: something I can actually watch and enjoy him in! As you can tell, I am super excited and just had to share it with my readers...that I don't really have....humm...gotta work on the lack of reader part of the this blog....Anyway, check out the video for yourself via the link below:


Anonymous said...

it's not jason behr; it's brendan fehr (a.k.a. Michael from Roswell).

Bufyluver said...

Really, cause David says "Jason Behr" in the interview....?

Bufyluver said...

Oh, you are correct! Thanks!


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