Monday, September 8, 2008

Television's Fall Season

So, the weekend ends and I'm back to work like the rest of world. Mondays are the worst. Still, trying to prove that I am not all frowns and pessimism, there is...something in the air. Some indefinable electric current running through and between everyone that I pass. It seems to pass from me to others and from others to me. It's excitement and expectation. It's actually not that hard to define after all. It's...the fall tv season. Honestly, what person in their right mind would choose to watch a boring and "been there, heard that bullshit" political debate when they could be watching Peter, Claire and Hiro save the world again? Or see McDreamy finally step into the frame again, this time with Meredith firmly and hopefully permanently on his arm? Or happily notice that Agent Booth's sense of sock and belt-buckle style hasn't changed at all since last season. Not to mention, being able to breathe a sigh of relief to finally hear House's asshole comments again (oh, how I've missed his inappropriate sexual comments and sexy cane saunter down the hall). There is just no contest for me. Call me a citizen of Denial-Land or unaware or silly/stupid. We are who we are and I tend to live in TV- Land more so than in Political America Land. Deal with it. Wow, I'm really into "lands" today, huh? Ok, enough rambling. Here are some quotes from Dexter, which I am watching the 2nd Season on DVD right now (thanks Elliott!). I just love me some devilishly handsome serial killer.

"Normal people are so hostile."

"I can kill a man, dismember his body, and be home in time for Letterman. But knowing what to say when my girlfriend's feeling insecure...I'm totally lost".

"I'm something new entirely, with my own set of rules. I'm Dexter. Boo."

"The problem with acting normal is that normal people get into stupid situations."

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kiwi said...

hey it's not all boring "been there, heard that". I think there have been plenty of riveting speeches the past 2 weeks. The RNC drew the largest ratings ever of any political convention: 38.9 million people watched McCain's speech on night 4. That's good TV for almost 40 million people to tune in!


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