Monday, September 22, 2008

An Exciting Call

Yesterday, while I was getting ready to go see Ghost Town (excellent film by the way, go see it) I got a call from my sister, Brittney. Now, Britt is a busy college student at the College of Charleston. She has tons of hard-ass classes, works in retail and even TAs for some crazy biology class or another. She also somehow finds time for a pretty hearty social life, though I confess, I have no idea how she has the time. Needless to say, I don't get to see her or talk to her that often. So, anytime I do get a call from her, I tend to get very excited. But that's nothing compared to how excited I got when she called yesterday. The call went something like this:

Ring, Ring.
Me: "Hey."
Britt: "Hey, what's up."
Me: "Getting ready for a movie. What's going on with you?"
Britt: "Well, I'm depressed."
Me: "Oh no! Why?"
Britt: "Well...cause Edward just broke up with Bella..."
Various kinds of squealing and shrieking ensue on my end of the line...

As Brittney pointed out later in the conversation:

Me: "Why didn't you call and tell me you were reading the books?!"
Britt: "Well, I do have a life you know..."

Ouch, Sis. Anyway, yes, it's sad that I got so very excited (and slightly annoyed also...why can't she trust me when I recommend the best books ever, but when her roommate tosses Twilight to her, she magically finds the time to start reading it....sheesh..) that my sister is now truly and irrevocably a Twilighter. But it's always a plus to have as many people as possible to discuss various Twilight themes with (aka: how much we LOOOOVEEE Edward), if the mood ever strikes. Which it does...a lot. It honestly made my day (don't judge me!).

I told Britt to check out my blog, since I often blog about the Twilight movie or books, so in celebration for the newest member of the Twilight community, here's another fun fan video from YouTube, based around New Moon. Enjoy!

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