Monday, September 29, 2008

Kevin McKidd - Newest TV Crush

Ok, so I have to hand it to the Grey's writing staff. Things on that show had been getting a little stale over the last couple of seasons (is anyone else SO over Meredith's commitment phobia already? Jeesh!) and I would bet my shiny new nickel that most of their viewers are just like me; aka: merely watching cause after 4 years it's like a bad smoking habit and we just can't help ourselves, even though it's slowly killing us. Things needed some serious spice and I mean like now. And in the season premiere last week, they finally handed us that bone, that spice, that hallelujah light. It came in the form of Kevin McKidd and boy was my apartment a big pool 'o drool by the end of the 2 hour show.

I re-watched the episode with my BFFs, Katie and Tina, last night and even though McKidd doesn't have those generic and obvious good-looks, Katie described him as having a "Daniel Craig-like" appeal (they helped fill my apartment with extra drool). I couldn't have said it better. The man is sexy, ya'll. No point denying it. He was just what the doctor ordered, pun intended. I couldn't get enough of him, which caused me to excitedly wait for him to confidently saunter into every scene as I watched the episode. I am now more excited about watching Grey's than I have been for the last couple years and it's all due to McArmyMan.

Watch below to see how Sergeant Owen Hunt can make even a simple statement like "So?" make your knees weak. But don't say I didn't warn ya!

The first video is about 8 minutes long and it includes all of Christina's and Hunt's scenes from the premiere. If you don't have 8 minutes to spare, check out the second video, which is only 2 minutes long but is the best scene in the whole dang episode. Enjoy and keep a drool bucket close, gals. Boys, as always, take notes.

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mush-push said...

Ok, sorry I'm writing all over your blog today, I'm finally getting caught up, but YES! This guy is yummy yummy yum yum! Daniel Craig is right! I lurved him on Journeyman, sniff.


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