Monday, July 21, 2008

Evil on the Rise

Hi all, sorry about the lack of quote yesterday, but again, I am sure I will be forgiven by the whole bunch of nobody that reads this silly blog. In honor of Dr. Horrible being stripped from the Internet and for the Whedon clan being so kind and decent to let us watch it for free in the first place, here is your quote of the day:

"Any dolt with half a brain
Can see the human kind has gone insane
To the point where I don't know
If I will upset the status quo
If I throw poison in the water main
Listen close to every body's heart
And hear that breaking sound
Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground
I can not believe my eyes
How the world's filled with filth and lies
But its plain to see
Evil inside of me
Is on the rise"

I think this was part of probably my favorite song in Dr. Horrible. This part was sung by Dr. Horrible, at the beginning of Act II, after unintentionally introducing his arch-nemesis to the love of his life, Penny. Good stuff, I'm telling you.

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logankstewart said...

I agree, Dr. Horrible was fantastic. Ye who think nobody read it. And my wife absolutely loves Twilight.


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