Friday, July 25, 2008

She'll Break Your Heart

Here's your quote of the's a good one!

"You see, women are like fires, like flames. Some women are like candles, bright and friendly. Some are like single sparks, or embers, like fireflies for chasing on summer nights. Some are like campfires, all light and heat for a night and willing to be left after. Some women are like hearthfires, not much to look at but underneath they are all warm red coal that burns a long, long while. But Dianne...Dianne is like a waterfall of spark pouring off a sharp iron edge that God is holding to the grindstone. You can't help but look, can't help but want it. You might even put your hand to it for a second. But you can't hold it. She'll break your heart..."

Ah, Patrick Rothfuss, your words will make women swoon. *sigh* Anyway, that was a passage from Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind. Excellent book. Go pick it up at your local Borders and you can thank me later. Plus, he's a Buffy fan so there isn't much I don't love about this guy. No, seriously.

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