Friday, July 25, 2008

Twilight at Comic-Con

Poor Robert Pattinson. I just don't think he's cut out for this kind of fame. But boy is he getting it whether he likes it or not. Well, it serves him right for taking on the role of pretty much the embodiment of the perfect man (or vampire, really). I mean honestly, what did he expect? I would say that 90% of Twilight fans are women, and Edward is everything that every female in the world wants. Did he not realize that playing Edward means that he would then become everything that every female wants also, even if he is decidedly nothing like Edward himself? Seriously, sometimes actors can really delude themselves. Still, I feel bad for the poor bloke. He seems too normal to be shoved into the spotlight like this. Maybe he should have stuck to music and left the acting to someone with thicker skin...But I just gotta say...LOVE the seriously...I really do. Love it.

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