Thursday, July 10, 2008

Motivation of the Week

Motivation of the Week is something I want to do each week, basically listing things that are happening that week that help get my lazy butt out of bed each morning. We all need something; something to motivate us, something that is apart from our regular routine that makes it worth getting up in the morning. These things could be as simple as the release of a highly anticipated film or a dinner date with a friend you rarely get to see or it can be as big and exciting as a much needed vacation. People don't usually appreciate the small things. They are often overlooked in the stress and chaos of everyday life, but these small things can sometimes be the tiny stepping stones that help you get through each week. We shouldn't take them for granted. So, that being said, here are my motivations of the week:

1) Getting to see my friend, Nathan, who is being shipped back to Iraq soon and who I maybe get to see 3 days out of each year since high school ended. That's him below with the collar on, with his owner. Haha. I kid, I kid. He's actually the owner, of course!

2) Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Yes, I know. A movie shouldn't be any motivation to get out of bed in the morning, but despite what my mother thinks, movies can make people HAPPY! Well, a day out with your best girlfriends, watching a big red devil kick monster ass and then browsing quietly among the books at Borders and maybe even downing a margarita at the neighboring Mexican restaurant can make people happy. I mean, it makes me happy, so that's all that really matters, I suppose. Below, the Hellboy trailer, as if you haven't already watched it a millions times and the best twins ever and my movie/books/margarita buddies, Tina and Katie.

That's it for this week, folks, especially since it's a shortened week. What helps you get out of bed each morning?

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