Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My First Time

So, this is my first blogging experience. I figured, hey, everyone else is doing it. Why not just jump off that bridge with everyone else? Jumping off bridges aside, your everyday job can eventually turn your brain into a dull, static jelly and since I was starting to feel a leaking throughout my ears canals, I considered it time to stretch the 'ol creative muscles. Once school and classes and papers are over and done with and you've framed your glorious, yet somehow insignificant college diploma, you get to a point where, heaven forbid, you might miss coming up with an original and somewhat creative idea (or even sentence for that matter). Besides, who doesn't want to share their thoughts, dreams, insecurities and eccentric ramblings to the whole of the Internet world? Count me in, dude! I'm so there. So, to give anyone who is masochistic enough to actual waste a couple minutes of your life on reading this blog, here's a little preview on what you can expect as for the overall theme of this blog:

'Nough said.

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kiwi said...

so is your blog about vampires? lol


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